millie says lower your expectations

lower your expectations of others to avoid inevitable disapointment

this is not a result of passive thinking and weakness that I say this.  I went to hear Davemrita Swami speak last week on love.  he’s basically a hare krishna holy leader donning orange pyjamas-like outfit, eats vegetarian and listens intently as his “Inspirits” or students sing Hare Krishna mantra over and over again, accepting it, as they do, the sound of pure love from Krishna (God within you).  as foreign as this gathering was to me and reminded me quite frankly of an airport in the ’70s at times, Davemrita Swami spoke plainly and poignantly of the impossibility in the search for unconditional love within a world of conditions.  when we look for love based on expectations we have for our spouse the love is is finite, whether it ends in death or divorce or betrayal.  the only way to reach higher love is to help each other in fulfilling spiritual growth.  love based on romantic attraction, worldly similarities and the acquisition of possessions (experiences, a life, house, money, travel and even children) will ultimately end within or at the end of this life unless partners seek to attain a higher purpose for their union. wowow!

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ps: explore this deep thought for a week, and then I will return.

millie says a thought, is it just a thought?

a thought, is it just a thought? it depends what you do with it. a thought doesn’t mean it’s going to come true, doesn’t mean that something bad will happen, doesn’t mean you’re compelled to act on it. a thought is a result of immeasurable things: emotional and mental baggage, lessons learned from past experience, past teachings from others or proximity to certain beliefs of others. let the thoughts flow, they come, they go. challenge the negative ones rather than acting on them to prevent mood fluctuations and misdoings based on thoughts alone. And as Buddha says, act only on the good ones.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a [wo]man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him[her]. If a [wo]man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him[her] “

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millie says certify in CPR/choking

certify in CPR/Choking.  you didn’t hear it here first but just to remind you again cardio pulmonary resuscitation and choking techniques, previously known as the heimlich manoeuvre save lives.   a day and 40-60 bucks is all it takes to learn it.  a couple of months ago i was in a restaurant and a baby started to choke and turn an unmistakable purple colour.  the choking baby manoeuvre worked.
here’s what i did:

  • turn baby onto front while supporting baby’s body with arm and holding baby’s jaw with open hand
  • tilt baby head down at 45 degree angle
  • administer back thrusts straight down onto baby’s back until there’s crying.

learn cpr, you never know when you’re going to need it.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says save the seeds

save the seeds. my long lost west coast piscean twin and post-feminist foodie friend Asha Rao first told me of local growers saving seeds on salt spring island back in 1994. coming from a family of tiny farm-ers, it struck me that organic agronomists and food activists had the early insight to preserve old strain produce species with exceptional nutrient levels and variety unmatched to the products of neo-experimental science junkies. with the intended proliferation of hybrid, genetically modified and accidental cross pollination of these new species with neighbouring organics, native varieties of fruits and vegetables have been threatened ubiquitously. only as a result of seed saving by frugal Italian grandmothers year after year for the past 50 years and above mentioned human forecasters do we have an abundant return of heirloom colorful goodies in every market place. wombman, do they taste good!

Seed Saving Resources:
Book: Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Gardners by Suzanne Ashworth and Kent Whealy

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millie says maximize plant’s food.

lightly steamed greens

maximize plant’s food.  the onus is on us to consume about 3-4 servings of green vegetables per day, yes 3-4 servings of the greens (including black varieties), not including fruits and yellow, orange, red and purple vegetables.  within the greens is chlorophyll, the high potency food synthesized by the plant using sunlight, creating that dark green pigment popeye relied upon.  what popeye didn’t know however what that by eating canned spinach, the chlorophyll has been darkened into a greyish color that should have indicated to him his meal was overcooked and not at the peak of its power.  he would have beaten blutus in a heartbeat and for good had his spinach been lightly steamed to bring out the bright green color of the leaf.  although the plant has no choice but to use the nutrients in raw form..and raw greens are great…but those steamed between 0-5 minutes and capped just when the green hits its beautiful brightness the highest power of antioxidant chlorophyll exist.   lengthening the cooking time past 5 minutes brings on an ugly grey-green found in popeye’s cans as well as overcooked versions of spinach, broccoli, kale, asparagus, beans, etc.

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millie says balance the nervous system

balance the nervous system with a sigh.  in hatha yoga, the founder of power, ashtanga, kundalini, bikram and moksha yogas, the breath is life.  the breath is harmonizing the body, the breath is calming, the breath is balancing, the breath is healing.  by sighing infants actively regulate their lung function, elevating lung volume above what would be expected by their relatively stiff lung tissue and floppy chest wall.  in adults it’s more subtle but throughout the day notice when you sigh; it may be when breathing shallow, when distressed, to adjust to physical or emotional relief.  surrender to the calm with a deep sigh.  aaah.

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millie says dance in the romance of morning dew

dance in the romance of morning dew. traditional folklore elaborates that young girls wash their face in it to make themselves beautiful and older people do the same to make themselves younger.

morning dew

eastern philosophies believe that a daily walk in the morning due barefoot revitalizes and strengthens the body, and can also assist with:

–Improving immune functioning
–Giving the body energy
–Supporting the kidneys
–Helping nervous disorders
–Overcoming stress

walk lucidly in the long over-dew envisioning your favorite mountain dew while danny’s or annie’s song plays lovingly in the head.

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millie says s’no use being antibacteriacidal

s’no use being antibacteriacidal or antibacteriobsessed. although the medical model enforces that we fight bugs with antibugs, studies dont necessarily support this as a long term response since bugs can change and mutate, become stronger in the face of antibugs. we are learning more and more that what it takes to be resistant to bacteria is pro or friendly bacteria rather than antibacteria. within the home it is the same result. studies show that within 90 minutes of being cleaned with antiobacterial detergents and cleansers surfaces are just as dirty as those same surfaces having been cleaned with good ol’ soap and water. research also suggests that within households that use antibacterial products there are just as many occurences of colds and flus as in other homeplaces. whereas using strong antibacterial soaps may create superbugs resistant to regular soaps and the stronger ones alike, and weaken your immune system due to exposure. so dont have an antibacteriattack, save the extra pennies it costs to make you and your family more defenceless.
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millie says pick the ugly fruit

it’s really hard; genuinely very truly hard to pick the ugly fruit. drawn to beauty, perfection, cleanliness equaling godliness, socialized to choose snow white’s apple despite her fateful punishment for vanity. let’s say walt disney was a pioneer in biodynamic nutrition and snow white is a story about the rewards reaped for growing up in a harsh world exposed to the elements. good ol’ walt may have also recognized that in the world of fruits and veggies there is more than one reason to decide upon damaged goods. fruits and vegetables that are smaller, dinged, tortured during their growth are more potent nutritionally compared to the pristine but empty beauty queens perched on the main shelf. why why why would a cultivated blueberry grown in the apt climate of the san joaquin valley, california be less nutritious than its cousin growing wild on the northern hills of timmins ontario? because antioxidants are condensed under harsh conditions. the more the blueberry, apple, lettuce leaf had to strive for its own survival, the more equipped it has become to survive subsequently allowing its eater to survive in digesting it. smaller fruits do not have fewer nutrients, no, they have more concentrated in that small ugly body that’s struggled to make it that far. organic fruits and vegetables have more nutrients because they have not had the luxury of being fed pest control or being GMOd to survive the shortest growing season, they’ve had to make it on their own. if there’s one berry that manages to grow in the marshes off baffin bay it’s wealthier in nutrition than a bushel-full grown in pesticide valley, mexico. snow white fell short of learning her lesson: if she had had chosen the apple with the worm in it she would have kept her beauty and gained survival of the fittest as opposed to needing rescue. so mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all, afterall?

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millie says lick local honey

lick local honey like a lollipop.  in addition to the readily available carbohydrates in honey and the bacterial protein content of the raw variety, even more healthful is the sweet arsenal of immune defense it provides pour vous.  a steady but small dose of locally made honey reduces seasonal allergies by exposing the immune system to the dust, pollens, mould and bacteria of the current environment so the white blood cells are less likely to react when the big blast comes during allergy-season.   like a small daily slug of arsenic or more modernly like an allergy shot or a vaccine, a satisfying spoonful of honey in medicine in it’s most delicious form.  but buzz off billy bee, a shell of it’s local raw self.

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