millie says complicate your breakfast meal

studies show that eating a GOOD breakfast within 1/2 hour of waking is the BEST thing for maintaining concentration, energy and good humour throughout the day.

breakfasts with a whole lot of simple sugar like instant oats, lucky charms, special k, rice crispies, skim milk, coffee and juice might seem like the low fat way to maintain a slim waist line, but this breakfast is not fit for the birds, and could be as bad as no breakfast at all as they both lead to high sugar release then crash…hypoglycemia…AKA “bad mood in a meal”.  by the end of an hour or two the brain is starving again, fatigue and/or irritability settle in.

on the sunny side of life, a breakfast with complex carbohydrates (containing fibre) and protein (containing tryptophan-precursor to serotonin) provides a slow source of glucose for the brain, the body’s hungriest organ.  although the brain is hungry it likes to go for the slow burn, the slower the better.  fibre, fat and protein found in dark rye, quinoa or whole grain toast, smoked salmon and salad OR whole/steel cut oats, Red River, fibre1, all bran with psyllium, nuts and flax seed, fresh fruit and berries, whole yogurt or milk slow down the digestion, releasing just enough sugar for the brain over hours, keeping the tummy full, and the mood satisfied.

ps: dont’ starve the brain!

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millie says make curds and whey

warning: EXTREME health food recommendation:

make curds and whey. miss muffet ate hers sitting on a tuffet since she had time but even if you dont muffet a tuffet for your duff-et you can still eat this probiotic delicacy. these days the commercially prepared version uses renet from the cow’s stomach and calls it cottage cheese with the solid being the curd, the liquid being the whey… but then they wash away the whey so it dont taste sour but they darn near ruined it cuz it dont have no probiotic in it, mama! better to make this mixture of sweet and sour at home. allow a quart’a milk or buttermilk sit on your kitchen counter in a mason jar for 3 days driving up the healthy bacteria content- that’s it. when the milk solids separate from the liquid you got yourself curds and whey. instead of waiting three days you can also take a cup of milk add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and watch it happen in front of your very eyes but best to do it right. next step put the curd through a cheese cloth or stocking letting it drip even more whey out from under it for a period of 12 hours or so. the solid creamy mass before you is…voila home made cream cheese. the left over whey is a definite sour sup of healthy dose bacteria can be used to make bread, pickles or just drunk sweetened or not. see below for more whey recipes. extreme.

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millie says buy into brown apricots

buy into brown apricots. sulphates are one of the oldest preservatives in food, keeping everything from dried fruits to wine and beer to deli and luncheon meats to sausages to instant potatoes aged just-right for the taste of convenience. these foods made at home would contain health preserving probiotics and sea salt, but for the million-mile diet without the sulphates (sulfates), foods dont keep as long and cost more due to ‘get-what-you-pay-for’ philosophy of cost over quality. key point is that studies show it’s better to keep this nasty preservative out of the diet as it’s been linked to the embarrassing rotten egg smell emanating from you-know-where to food allergies to inflammatory bowel diseases to colon cancer. due to a string of chemical processes that create sulphur-reducing baceria in the gut, your intestines could resemble the sludge at the bottom of from a scottish swamp, and that aint healthy but capable of coroding metal tubes, let alone tissue pipes. here we go: sulphates in food and drink > sulphites > then create a poisonous waste product called hydrogen sulphide (odorous), which to humans, the compound is as toxic as cyanide > in water, it rapidly becomes highly corrosive sulphuric acid. so eat suphur like cabbage and garlic but not sulphates like orange apricots and pastrami.

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millie says october 18

encourage digestion with castor oil.  Taken internally castor oil is a mildly toxic cathartic or strong laxative that causes violent spasms of the intestines subsequently expelling the bowels with violent force so much so that it can actually be used a last resort to induce labour in post dates babies.  Used externally however castor oil is a gentle stimulus for the immune system of the digestive tract.  peyer’s patches are part of the MALT system found in the intestines and make up anywhere from 60-80% of the immune system.  when stimulated with castor oil packs or a gentle rub of the abdomen with castor oil proper dexoxification is maintained in our bowels stimulating the immune system to fight off viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.  Castor oil rubs can be done daily before bed on infants, children, pregnant persons without the use of a heat source.  Castor oil packs include a castor oil soaked cloth and a heat source such as not water bottle, warm towel or heating pad can be done daily on adults as a relaxing nighttime routine while pondering the immunity in our bowels….

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millie says september 17

faster pussycat k-k-k-k-k-ill the c-c-candida.  Only in the healthy-lifestyle-foresaken western world do we even have an illness affecting 20-something women such this.  TCM may slap the diagnosis “damp heat in the lower burner” causing itching burning and pain in the urinary tract, vagina and extensive mood and skin problems.  Influencing its presence are chronic use of antibiotics for urinary tract infections causing a vicious cycle into yeast infections,  high sugar, alcohol and dairy  diet, dehydration, constipation and more than 5 years of oral contraceptive use.  Pave the  way for athlete’s foot, warts, tinea, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, cystic acne, allergies, depression and infertility. Blah. This is the kind of cycle that makes women want to tear their bodies from their minds.

See Candida you nasty thing part 1 and Candida be gone ? (Part Deux) for a questionnaire, a diet and a three step approach to killing the suckers for good.

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millies says august 29

Circulate all you can.  Female fertility issues can be due to ‘congestion’ in the uterus from a history of estrogen medications, alcohol, constipation, environmental toxins and suppressed menses.  In Chinese medicine the uterus is said to be stagnant with blood, cold or dampness.  Move blood and Qi with herbs like dong quai, licorice, wild yam and black cohosh. Physical therapies such as Castor oil packs (home remedy), exercise, acupuncture and mayan abdominal massage are all methods of clearing out uterine congestion making way for the delivery of oxygen rich blood to all the important areas so baby making can get done.

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ps.  see castor oil pack directions on march 29th blog.

millie says august 13

you are what you eat.  in Chinese Medical philosophy life force known as essence comes to us in two forms: from our parents at conception and then again on a daily basis, from food.  So if you eat food with good essence you will have good essence.  if you eat food with good chemistry, you will have good chemistry.  if you eat living food you will have energy.  if you eat nutrient-rich health food, you will be nutrient rich.  eat what you wish to become rather than what’s convenient.

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millie says august 8

Take the heat.  When put on the hot seat, I will own up to what I’ve done wrong, learn from mistakes and incorporate them into my life’s lessons.  Then it will feel cool.

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millie says august 3

Don’t dine on plastic wine (eg. Little Penguin). While reusing and reclycing plastic is necessary to reduce the landfill burden and perhaps one day the human race will have to incorporate plastic and harmful estrogens into genetic code to pass the newest survival-of-the-fittest tests. But until that day when future generations are born with a nutritional need for IV plastic as medicine, choose glass and stainless steel containers for food and drink as much as possible, since plastics tend to leach off bisphenols and xenoestrogens faster in acidic environments; wine, pop, club soda, beer juice, mineral water, spirits.

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millie says august 1

Eat seeds for your little seeds.  Studies show that EPO, an important long chain fatty acid found in the oils of cold water fish, walnuts and certain seeds will help maintain reproductive integrity, spawning healthy gametes for both sexes and regulating menstrual cycles in the process. 1)From new moon (or first day of menses) to day before full moon (ovulation) = flaxseeds & pumpkin seeds 2)From full moon (ovulation) to day before new moon (menses) = sesame seeds & sunflower seeds.  The XX and XYs of the next generation will bounce for joy!

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