millie says wake up and smell the flowers

otherwise put: get unstuck. dr james gordon md is a mind and body medicine psychiatrist-type who wrote a book called U N S T U C K, which outlines 7 necessary stages of getting out of depression. dr gordon thinks that depression, rather than an end-point diagnosis, is a sign that imbalances R us, and depression provides an opportunity to change one’s life. within these 7 are 1) the call that change is necessary 2) meet an inner or existential guide 3) surrender to change equals letting go 4) deal with demons 5) invite despair 6) receive the blessing of spiritual awakening 7) the return which involves making the choice of living each day joyously. this is an intense list of 7 but you can also think of it as waking up to smell the flowers.

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millie says AGE gracefully not gruesomely

AGE gracefully not gruesomely. who knows the definitive answer why marlon brando plunged from utmost physical beauty quickly over to the other side… using he, who was emotionally tormented (stress’ed), laden with diabetes (obese, sugared and pickled), had congestive heart failure (obese, oxidatively damaged) and cancer (mutated cell’ed) as a shockingly poignant example….one can envision AGE, despite its chemical complexities.

advanced glycation entities (AGE) are the result of a chemical process in the body that happens when a poor lifestyle (high fat, sugar, alcohol, smoking meets low fruits, veggies, antioxidants, fibre, exercise) greets middle age. what you get when you combine overdoses of sugar and with free-radicals in the long run. beauty one decade, beast the next. these lead to wrinkles, large pores and nevi in the nose, blindness from cataracts, clogs in the arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks and possibly cancer, of which marlon brando had…them all.

see before and after shots.Marlon Brando Young

Marlon Brando Middle Aged

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millie says pass the CAGE AUDIT

I once knew a guy who got over alcohol dependency with tablespoons of raw honey every time he wanted a drink.

do you pass the CAGE AUDIT? so you work hard, play harder. you’re an artist, musician, designer, cultural vector representing a minority of the thinking kind, not ‘class’ cuz da politically enlightened dont use that word. networking is part of the game; openings, parties and hopefully free booze. or maybe you daylight-moonlight as a corporati working long hours, spreading yourself thin, just to get to that next position of exclusive perks, keeping it together posturing yourself as hard working clever cool. maybe you have a family and the stress is higher at home than it is at work. or maybe you’re a student or you were a student and got lost between final exams and a job fair in whistler, alberta. or maybe you just got dumped, widowed, orphaned, fired, traumatized or injured, people say you’re fortunate to have survived that one, but you’re not feeling very lucky. you may wonder do you drink socially, socially considering your situation or do you just plain have a problem?

here’s the test, the CAGE questionnaire. a score of 2 or more will encourage you to the AUDIT self-test, The World Health Organization’s Alcohol Use Disorder’s Identification Test. 8 or more could be a reason to seek treatment or support- links below).

1) Two “yes” responses indicate that you should be investigated further. The questionnaire asks the following questions:

  1. Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your drinking?
  2. Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?
  3. Have you ever felt Guilty about drinking?
  4. Have you ever felt you needed a drink first thing in the morning (Eye-opener) to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover?

2) AUDIT Self Test:

3) Support and Treatment:

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millie says dry out for a while

dry out for a while. a month full of merry can pile up like a bowl of rancid jelly. take steps tout de suite to cut the sugar, fat and alcohol to dissuade the cellular metabolites from settling in for a long winter’s nap. dash on, dance on, prance on you vixen straight to your favorite cold winter activity followed by a warm up in a steam, sauna, detoxifying hot house of some tradition. pick a date, like today and give the calorific extras a break. exchange the creamy liquor soaked coffees for hot lemon water or dandelion root and leaf tea first thing in the morning righto and like a comet your liver will be functioning smoothly again by the time the valentine’s cupid rings at your door.

happy new year

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millie says practice makes good

practice makes good. making good choices, especially over the holidays can be a daily or hourly challenge on the to do list of dietary life. while restricting yourself is cruel, overindulging on empty calories day in day out will mess a body about, leaving nothing but regret and irritability to overcome at new year’s tone. move your health forward, now and all year ’round by resolving moment by moment to take the healthier choice like second helpings of green veggies and squash, the side salad, 1/2 a desert now and another half later, alternating a glass or two of water with the wine, the hazelnut not the jelly or mousse, the whole grain bread, a family walk, cranberries from scratch rather than a can, skipping a round of chocolates, the fish, the lentils…always choose the lentils for goodness sakes!!!

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millie says lose the pessimism

lose the pessimism. all individual actions; body, speech and thought have an impact on our lives that cannot be avoided. by focusing on the misery or solely striving for happiness humans ultimately avoid the full spectrum of life’s gifts. whether your beliefs include that randomness leads to more randomness, karma, destiny, fate or God’s will….health as a mental concept is realistic and attainable only when it includes happiness as well as suffering as inevitable. so get un-stuck by writing down triggers for negative thought, speech and actions.

When a destructive thought emerges, take a deep breath and ask yourself what physical proof you have that this thought is true? if no proof, then what thought would be more helpful in this situation?

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Thought Record

millie says eat the french paradox oui oui

eat the french paradox. they smoke comme des cheminees but still have lower cancer, obesity and diabetes rates than North Americans possibly due to their diets. their petit dejeune which would never be fully consumed include an egg, a toast, une creme fraiche, croissant, un jus and provides protein, carbs and little bites of sugar rather than binge doses. butter, cheese, cream, meat grizzle, swigs of wine on a daily basis and are never sans un peu d’cafe. so what gives. the small-plated meals are rich in raw olive oil, lemon, fresh herbs, local seafood, free-roaming properly fed on grassy cud providing healthy lifestyles for the animals in turn producing better meat, milk, cheese and butter including unpasteurized healthy microflora, omega 3 and 6 fats and fewer hormones. antioxidants levels are high in the french diet as they consume stacks of fresh veggies, eat fruits for desert and drink local wines. they also take their stress in stride by leaving work pour un tout petit cafe a creme with friends. so dont smoke like them but eat like them. oui oui oui.

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millie says october 3

clear the skin via the liver. fall cleanse time again and since it’s getting cold, better to drink warm teas than lemonade. Common Canadian weed, yellow dock, latin binomial rumex crispus conjures an image of a red man in a suit delivering teapots to rural windmills of young maidens to help clear up psoriasis, rosacia and eczema while gently cleansing bowel and detoxifying liver after a summer of merriment. recipe: Boil for 5 with burdock root, combine hot liquid with a handful of cleavers leaves, drink steeped for a wonderful liver cleansing and skin clearing tea. 1 litre per day for 10 days under supervision.
Yellow dock from Herbie’s Herbs site
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millie says september 25

measure your weight compared to your height instead of your Calvin’s.  Weight is ballpark-healthy compared to height when BMI is between 18.5-25.  under 18.5 underweight, over 26 overweight, over 30 obese, over 40 morbidly obese.  Body Mass Index equals weight in pounds divided by height in inches squared, multiplied by 703.  BMI doesn’t consider body shape, muscle tone or bone structure so stay tuned tomorrow for the second half of the story.

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millie says september 24

Cry it out.  73 percent of men and 85 percent of women report crying to have mood elevating effects.  From reducing stress to providing hope tears wether streaming down the cheeks or brimming at the eyelids do good.  Drawing them out with “Bridges of Madison County” is more helpful than using an onion as it supposedly releases more toxins, but either way they shouldn’t be suppressed.

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