Thanksgiving through Christmas


I want to share some tips, “How to Eat Thanksgiving through Christmas’. Normally I save this level of information for my Eating for Meaning clients but it’s the holidays so I am generous today ūüôā Read them below. These tips are literally the tip of the iceberg and leave you wanting more info so look way down there for what my holiday Eating for Meaning program…all online…. You don’t want to miss this offer to lose weight, eat well, and choose wisely over the holiday season. But here goes with my precious gift for you:

Top 5 Tips for Succeeding Thanksgiving to Christmas, heck even New Year’s:

1) Include a little detox in your meal plan. Start each morning with Hot Lemon Water to purge yourself from the night before. Use half a fresh lemon. Then eat breakfast 10 minutes later.

2) In addition to a high quality multivitamin, supplement with 2000-5000 IU of Vitamin D3 to improve sugar tolerance, improve immunity and lower diabetes risk.  If you know your serum level I can tell you exactly what dose is right for you.

3) Drink organic Green tea with a slice of lemon(no sweetener unless it’s raw honey) 3 cups per day to cut sugar cravings, breakdown alcohol in the liver, increase metabolism, reduce bacteria and virus.

4) If you are watering at the mouth excited to over-indulge tonight; have some lunch right now; like that cup of green tea, an organic egg on fiber toast with spinach greens.

5)¬†The day of a big party, do not starve yourself to save room for the dinner- eat a normal breakfast and lunch, with snacks in between so you eat normally at night. ¬†Never plan on “ruining your diet”, “gaining weight” or “pigging out”. The food will be plentiful and good and that’s good enough. Tomorrow is another day to eat.

6) Eat small portions of everything you want: a scoop of potatoes, a spoon of stuffing, 2-3 slivers of desert.  Be that person who cuts the square in 4, share it with your nearest and dearest. You are sexy!

These are tips to live by, especially at this time of the year when holiday season kicks off.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving! and celebrating the earlier harvest is a time-honored tradition north of the border. In Canada, the holiday is a bit purer because Charlie Brown’s problem of over-commercialization doesn’t begin until American Thanksgiving… or at least until after Hallowe’en.

Wether north or south of the border I celebrate my Thanksgiving¬†with free-range, hormone free turkey dinner, special home-made cranberry sauce, mashed turnips and potato mix, roasted squash, old bread stuffing with summer savory, gravy from scratch and string beans. Don’t forget the mustard pickles. ¬†Pumpkin pie for me. But if there happens to be some Pennsylvania Dutch Shoe Fly Pie, I’ll take that the next day at breakfast with a piece of old cheese. ¬†It’s my favorite pie!

That’s how I enjoy Thanksgiving, as well as with the people! It’s the people that count most. In the US, it’s pretty much the same right? But buyer beware as it’s a tad more difficult to secure that organic fowl. ¬†This year I have a lead on it. ¬†I have befriended an organic turkey farmer in Wexford PA. ¬†I will place my order with the Eichner farm as I will be with my own Mamabird that day.

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PS:¬†The Runners’ High Club meets every Sunday at 4:45pm rain or shine at the Eastern Parkway Entrance of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. ¬†Map see here:¬†Eastern Parkway Entrance near the bike racks¬†where people stretch. ¬†This is parkside of the Brooklyn Library and Grand Army Plaza. Let’s run together! ¬†The trick is…to do it as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible. That’s right.

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Want to know one of my primary secrets to anti-aging? This juice cannot be purchased in stores, but you CAN order it online. ¬†It is RICH in antioxidants; carotenes, lycopene and luteins. ¬†It’ll naturally protect your skin from the sun, and cancer. ¬†And help you reverse the aging process. ¬†it’s called G3 juice and it comes from a South Asian Superfruit called Gac. ¬†Gac is where it’s AT. I¬†take 1 oz twice daily, morning and evening.
Sign up for your monthly dose of this amazing and unique juice:
Use Distributor number: US00227731
Click on Map to Meeting Place In Prospect Park
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Millie says, Inc provides naturopathic medicine with virtual and in-person anti-aging programs.

millie says AGE gracefully not gruesomely

AGE gracefully not gruesomely. who knows the definitive answer why marlon brando plunged from utmost physical beauty quickly over to the other side… using he, who was emotionally tormented (stress’ed), laden with diabetes (obese, sugared and pickled), had congestive heart failure (obese, oxidatively damaged) and cancer (mutated cell’ed) as a shockingly poignant example….one can envision AGE, despite its chemical complexities.

advanced glycation entities (AGE) are the result of a chemical process in the body that happens when a poor lifestyle (high fat, sugar, alcohol, smoking meets low fruits, veggies, antioxidants, fibre, exercise) greets middle age. what you get when you combine overdoses of sugar and with free-radicals in the long run. beauty one decade, beast the next. these lead to wrinkles, large pores and nevi in the nose, blindness from cataracts, clogs in the arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks and possibly cancer, of which marlon brando had…them all.

see before and after shots.Marlon Brando Young

Marlon Brando Middle Aged

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says soak grains in brackish water

soak grains in brackish water. back in the days of pure water and healthy sunshine, grains were kept in outdoor storage units before being hulled thus exposing them to the elements of sun and rain and morning dew. the process of moistening grains in healthy bacteria allows for the neutralization of phytic acid, a compound that keeps minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and calcium bound to phosphate salt rather than nutritionally available in grains. these days, due to faster machinery to do the work grains are not exposed to the elements after they are harvested, thus left in their indigestible state and must be fortified with minerals instead. the result is that grains these days are apt to cause bloating, constipation, diarrhea, celiac, IBS symptoms, ezcema. if sprouting is too daunting but if this is the case then soak all grains overnight in a fermented product such as apple cider vinegar or butter milk in order to alkalinize, soften and prepare the grains for eating.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says dry out for a while

dry out for a while. a month full of merry can pile up like a bowl of rancid jelly. take steps tout de suite to cut the sugar, fat and alcohol to dissuade the cellular metabolites from settling in for a long winter’s nap. dash on, dance on, prance on you vixen straight to your favorite cold winter activity followed by a warm up in a steam, sauna, detoxifying hot house of some tradition. pick a date, like today and give the calorific extras a break. exchange the creamy liquor soaked coffees for hot lemon water or dandelion root and leaf tea first thing in the morning righto and like a comet your liver will be functioning smoothly again by the time the valentine’s cupid rings at your door.

happy new year

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says brassicas’ boasts boost

brassicas’ boasts boost. a daily bite from of a raw cruciferous vegetable has been shown to lower estrogen and androgen levels in both sexes due to a family of enzymes called aromatase inhibitors found in collards, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, brussel sprouts, etc. hormone related illnesses are exceedingly common in north american society but present in a variety of ways for men and women. in the XYs conditions such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, fibrous breasts and cancer, low progesterone and a stubborn battle of the bulge, though potentially genetic in nature can be reversed with a daily diet rich in indole-3 carbinols from raw cruciferous vegetables and phytoestrogens found in passion flower and chamomile tea, fermented soy products and flax seeds. likewise in the double Xs estrogen-linked illnesses such as prostate enlargement or cancer, low sperm count, breast tumors, abnormal testosterone levels can be crushed with regular cabbage crunch. Despite these positive benefits, this family of vegetables when eaten raw (best for cancer prevention) have been shown to be goitrogenic and can potentially slow down the uptake of iodine in those susceptible to low thyroid. So keep up with your individual health in mind when choosing the best method of preparation by going for 1 cup of raw in normal thyroid or 1/2 cup of lightly cooked but not nuked, for abnormal thyroid or history.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says do it do it do it

dont just think about it….do it do it do it. shed the status quo by taking action. save the trying for the past tense since it implies failure and is always followed by a ‘but’. I may have failed but at least I tried. next time i will succeed.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says october 18

encourage digestion with castor oil.¬† Taken internally castor oil is a mildly toxic cathartic or strong laxative that causes violent spasms of the intestines subsequently expelling the bowels with violent force so much so that it can actually be used a last resort to induce labour in post dates babies.¬† Used externally however castor oil is a gentle stimulus for the immune system of the digestive tract.¬† peyer’s patches are part of the MALT system found in the intestines and make up anywhere from 60-80% of the immune system.¬† when stimulated with castor oil packs or a gentle rub of the abdomen with castor oil proper dexoxification is maintained in our bowels stimulating the immune system to fight off viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.¬† Castor oil rubs can be done daily before bed on infants, children, pregnant persons without the use of a heat source.¬† Castor oil packs include a castor oil soaked cloth and a heat source such as not water bottle, warm towel or heating pad can be done daily on adults as a relaxing nighttime routine while pondering the immunity in our bowels….

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says october 17

sleep in pitch dark. to regulate the endocrine system particularly for menstrual irregularities, cycles longer than 30, shorter than 26 days, trouble with fertility; sleep in absolute darkness so much so that a hand cannot be seen in front of the face. melatonin production increases with exposure to darkness during sleep which allows the endocrine system including hypothalamus, adrenal gland and ovaries (gonads) to recover from stress. only during the waxing stage, on the the night before, of and after the full moon should any light shine through which will help stimulate ovulation to occur during this time and therefore regulate cycles as they should according to the lunar calendar. if menstruation is occuring at full moon there is not need to switch over. children should not sleep with a night light as it disrupts depth of sleep. Howwwwl!

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says october 11

Eat beets! Related to spinach, chard and quinoa, these rich roots are superfood. Ranging in color from Crimson to striped to blush they are full of fibre and minerals, detoxifying to the liver, and sweet like candy. Though often shunned due to cultural aversion these are perfect company to a fall fest. Take them boiled, gently pickled, raw in slaw or juiced, a pesticide-free beet a day will keep the doc away. Add powdered beet to Gerolsteiner for a pretty pink drink and instead of red dye No.40 in birthday treats. so many surprises.

See inspirational photo by the dangerously wholesome Sarah Wendt. Peruse her gallery of good eating at

Heart Beets

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says october 5

Hello, chokecherries, saskatoon berries and gooseberries, oh my. Goodbye noni, gogi, coffee berries and acai. Beware spending premium dollars for dried cure-alls stored in containers and plastic bags having formerly contained more antioxidant super power prior to being dried then shipped from the Himalayans. Devouring fresh forage growing wild and free on crown land will provide more phytochemicals you see-a, there is no panacea but many super foods locally found rather than bound for other destinations.

xox dr millie lytle nd

Here’s a link that discusses the what’s on the menu and what’s off for national berry picking.