millie says tap to heal

tap to heal. there once was an organ who dwells in the chest behind the breast bone or sternum as those detail oriented folks say. lying close to the heart, made stronger by self-love, self-care, joy, prayer and hope it was devoted to helping the body heal itself. its name was thymus gland, an endocrine organ committed to the activation of fighter and helper cells synthesized in the bone marrow. thymus gland would spring into action telling specific white cells to go to the area of weakness, infection when repair and defense was needed. this was a big job especially when it resides within the body of tired, stressed, overworked, overdrugged individuals. thymus gland told me to relay a message to you so that you would enable its ability to heal your body. if it could talk it would say “tap me to heal; I need you to be relaxed to function well; tap me to heal right at the breast bone with the tips of your fingers; coordinated arm and leg movements strengthen me such as swimming, yoga, brain games, marching; tap me to heal gently but with intent; I am nourished by antioxidants, sleep, probiotics, and astragalus; tap to heal me heal you.”

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millie says remember resveritrol

remember resveritrol (though you may never have heard of it). a touted antioxidant shown to repair damaged DNA, dont slip a day away without it in your diet. shown to improve endurance performance in healthy and obese individuals as well as slow down platelet aggregation that can cause heart disease. raise resveritrol levels by consuming these foods daily: 1) up the reds in your diet such as blueberries, pomegranate, grapes, moderate amounts of red wine 2) in nuttier form peanuts, walnuts and pecans. rev it up.

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millie says decode lumps and bumps

decode lumps and bumps. lymph bodies more colloquially referred to as glands make up a parallel universe to the body’s circulatory system, following the venous circulation routes to remove debris, infection and old pathogens from the body’s blood stream. thus the lymphatic system is a major detoxifying organ system with system channels and collection depots called nodes. These nodes are found in the neck and throat, teeth, ear, collar bone, underarm and groin areas and when present as soft, swollen and tender indicate pathogenic activity in the blood stream that the body is trying to fight. Usually this activity is the result of external pathogen activity such as viral, chemical, bacterial or fungal though can also be an auto-immune reaction in that the body is recognizing proteins found in food or those created in the body itself as foreign. The white blood cells subsequently mount a tender response to clear it. In order to help clear these sore tender nodes, lymphatic drainage techniques such as hot compresses, castor oil packs, exercise, massage, drainage herbs, dry brushing can all be applied. More chronic and serious conditions can produce hard, non tender lymph nodes that may be benign or malignant tumors called lymphomas. usually a lymphoma will be biopsied to determine it’s cancer status and stage. Lipomas are non-tender rubbery growths of undigested-unutilized fat cells that have accumulated under the skin usually in areas away from the lymph nodes, though unsightly, not usually harmful may indicate a cholesterol problem. Search your body for the lumps, keep track of their appearance disappearance so you can report accurately to your doctor of choice.

millie says stockpile vitamin d

stockpile vitamin d. as the sun’s angle to the earth decreases create an inverse relationship to increase fish and/or vitamin D intake. a fat soluble vitamin, this nutrient preventer of bone diseases such as osteomalacia, rickets and some bone and skin cancers naturally occurs in animal products such as cold water fish, salmon roe, eggs and though not a natural source milk is fortified but usually not ice cream, yogurt or cheese. being fat soluble means that vitamin D can build up and be stored in the body so when taking the fish or oils of cod liver, salmon, albacore tuna, mackerel, halibut, herring, sardines, a mixture or pure source (no dyes, sugar or artificial flavours) vitamin D inconsistent vitamin consumers can take a minimum weekly dose of 7000 IU 1 time per week instead of 1000 IU 7x per week. vitamin D supplementation in some form is important for all people living in northern climates but even moreso for vegetarians and especially vegans. watch the bows of your toddler’s legs as an exaggerated bow could mean subclinical vitamin D deficiency or rickets.

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millie says october 18

encourage digestion with castor oil.  Taken internally castor oil is a mildly toxic cathartic or strong laxative that causes violent spasms of the intestines subsequently expelling the bowels with violent force so much so that it can actually be used a last resort to induce labour in post dates babies.  Used externally however castor oil is a gentle stimulus for the immune system of the digestive tract.  peyer’s patches are part of the MALT system found in the intestines and make up anywhere from 60-80% of the immune system.  when stimulated with castor oil packs or a gentle rub of the abdomen with castor oil proper dexoxification is maintained in our bowels stimulating the immune system to fight off viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.  Castor oil rubs can be done daily before bed on infants, children, pregnant persons without the use of a heat source.  Castor oil packs include a castor oil soaked cloth and a heat source such as not water bottle, warm towel or heating pad can be done daily on adults as a relaxing nighttime routine while pondering the immunity in our bowels….

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millie says september 14

Beat eczema.  Free radicals in deep fried, processed and other tortured foods can leave you wheel, flared, crusted and scaled.  Because eczema and psoriasis both, are an allergic reaction, take strides to decrease foods your body may react to such as sugar, deep fried, hydrogenated and rancid fats, dairy, corn, wheat or eggs.  Simultaneously uplift the immune system with whole foods, plant sterols, omega 3 and plenty of antioxidants until your skin is velvety smooth like Udo Erasmus.

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millie says september 10

Bounce off itching rubber. A latex allergy is among the fastest growing food allergies which means the upper respiratory tract, urinary tract and skin could react to the following latex cross reactors: apples, avocadoes, almonds, bananas, cucumbers, peaches, pears, cherries, plums. If staying indoors, abstaining from housework and intimacy currently seem like the best possibilities then remove these foods from the diet for 2 weeks and slowly reintroduce.

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a more complete latex list (note the nightshades are here)

bananas, almonds, avocados, chestnuts, kiwi fruit, apples, cucumber, carrots, celery, papaya, kiwi, potatoes, tomatoes, melon, and possibly pears, peaches, cherries, pineapple, strawberries, figs, plums, grapes, apricots, passion fruit, rye, hazel nuts, walnuts, soybeans, and peanuts.  Other cross-reactive allergens to latex include wheat, grass, ragweed, and mugwort.

millie says august 23

Walk your way to slimness. The average sedentary lifestyle consists of a daily walking regime of 2000 steps. To use this ‘walk for life’ method to lower weight one must pede in multiples of 2000 steps with a goal of 10, 000 steps per day for weight loss (equivalent to an hour and fifteen minutes/day). The more weight one wishes to lose the more steps one should walk at 70% heart rate, as each one burns calories, being more important than speed or time. So the next time someone asks you how fast you are tell them to check your pedometer.

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millie says august 22

Heat up the metabolism! So you’re hot already but is it serving a healthy purpose or are you stone cold eye candy?

All humans roughly measure 37°C. Those with a lower basal body temperature (BBT) have a lower core body temperature and therefore a lower metabolism, which doesn’t burn the body oil at rest as fast those cute butts with slightly higher metabolisms. Take your BBT after a full night’s sleep before stepping out of bed. Take it again throughout the day. If 36-point-something is as high as it gets then calories are at risk of piling up. Warm-up the body to really warm up the bod. You know what I’m sayin’?

If not, I’ll tell you more tomorrow…

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millie says august 21

Use the table analogy to seek mental health.

Draw out your condition or diagnosis on top of a table.  Imagine there are 3 legs supporting this table 1) the cognitive leg are the thoughts that instigate the disorder such as “what will people think of me?” or “I don’t deserve love”, etc. 2) The behaviour leg is a reaction to avoid the negative thoughts which may be poor coping mechanisms in the form of alcohol, drugs, anger, violence, isolation, denial etc. 3) The physical symptoms are the the result of the poor coping and might be the result of a poor lifestyle, or the physical result of stress, anxiety, worry, panic, obsessive thoughts etc. If this resonates, seek Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) from a clinical psychologist or similar practitioner.

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