millie says wake up and smell the flowers

otherwise put: get unstuck. dr james gordon md is a mind and body medicine psychiatrist-type who wrote a book called U N S T U C K, which outlines 7 necessary stages of getting out of depression. dr gordon thinks that depression, rather than an end-point diagnosis, is a sign that imbalances R us, and depression provides an opportunity to change one’s life. within these 7 are 1) the call that change is necessary 2) meet an inner or existential guide 3) surrender to change equals letting go 4) deal with demons 5) invite despair 6) receive the blessing of spiritual awakening 7) the return which involves making the choice of living each day joyously. this is an intense list of 7 but you can also think of it as waking up to smell the flowers.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says wallow in yourself for an hour

wallow in yourself for an hour. set up a date to meet a reliable friend, a compassionate all-round task-oriented efficiency expert. make a list of all your problems; be as specific as possible. 1) moths in my sweater cupboard 2) single and miserable. dont know if that girl is going to call me again. 3) made less money this year than last year. 4) 4th cold of the year- winter is playing tricks on me. meet your friend for a warm beverage to help you put into perspective how bad or good your life is. take suggestions, accept help, gather support, kindness, leaps of faith, boots to the head. when that friend loses steam; you know as they’re less attentive, using uh-huh a lot, stop providing as many insightful observations. then it’s time to switch it up and for you to be the compassionate all-round task-oriented efficiency expert.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says dont wait to take a mental health day

dont wait until october 10th to take a mental health day. playing hooky involves making up an excuse not to go to work or attend to duties that should be accomplished today. while lying and scamming are never recommended for an enlightened state, a breath of freedom from work can be a means to avoid a doctor’s note tomorrow. the somatization response to stress relies on einstein’s theory of matter, neither capable of being created nor destroyed and thus energy remains inside the body demonstrating physical symptoms as a result of an emotional or psychological state.

Somatization disorder is a somatoform disorder categorized under the psychiatric DSM-IV and establishes the following five criteria for its diagnosis:

  • a history of somatic symptoms prior to the age of 30
  • pain in at least four different sites on the body
  • two gastrointestinal problems other than pain such as vomiting or diarrhea
  • one sexual symptom such as lack of interest or erectile dysfunction
  • one pseudoneurological symptom similar to those seen in Conversion disorder such as fainting or blindness.

…if a rest will prevent it, do it today and let that energy escape into the atmos.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says listen from the inside out and outside in

listen from the inside out and outside in. employing meditations on a daily basis is a healthy way to reduce stress and enhance health. despite its benefits spending 45 minutes meditating can be a time consuming bother leaving only the converted and enlightened with a daily practice. Enlist the sense of listening to space out in a time efficient way. start by sitting in a comfortable position, and spend 10 seconds or as long as it takes listening to the mechanics of the body, all sounds internal. gradually tune into concentric circles of space and time, lending an ear to the room, the building, the street, intersection, neighbourhood, city, province, country, continent, hemisphere, planet, galaxy, universe. then in reverse order, finally return to the self. it’s busy relaxing in quiet noise.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says anti-age with the color violet

anti-age with the color violet. though color therapy sounds like a bunch of balloony, the world be bleak dressed in its absence. Beyond the technical science of light and wavelengths, colors serve a healthful purpose in our world, allowing the eye to pick up vibrational energy that is mood enhancing and even healing. It is said in chromotherapy that certain wavelengths provide health to specific organs and moods. Violet, the color at the bottom of the rainbow, has the shortest wavelength at 400 nm and therefore the highest vibration. The pineal gland situated in our brain behind our eyes, is stimulated by light reflected off the retina. In the presence of the color violet the pineal gland produces melatonin, which is responsible for producing sleep, improving immunity, reducing stress and cellular death (aging). so instead of botox, dress your partner or your children in purple. om.

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millie says lose the pessimism

lose the pessimism. all individual actions; body, speech and thought have an impact on our lives that cannot be avoided. by focusing on the misery or solely striving for happiness humans ultimately avoid the full spectrum of life’s gifts. whether your beliefs include that randomness leads to more randomness, karma, destiny, fate or God’s will….health as a mental concept is realistic and attainable only when it includes happiness as well as suffering as inevitable. so get un-stuck by writing down triggers for negative thought, speech and actions.

When a destructive thought emerges, take a deep breath and ask yourself what physical proof you have that this thought is true? if no proof, then what thought would be more helpful in this situation?

xox dr millie lytle nd

Thought Record

millie says reel in the rush

reel in the rush. hurrying, scurrying, flurrying from one task to another separates our mind from body and can feel as if the mind is toppling forward and away from the self. buddha says “mindfulness of the body leads to nirvana”. so when you feel as if the rush is controlling the mind space, take notice and adjust the body; sit back into the bones, take 5 deep breaths into the organs, let them travel to the muscles, note the relaxation. the rush is a sign that slowing down is needed. practice daily and watch stress evaporate as you experience enlightenment.

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millie says happy hallowe’en

pace the backdoor-trots. signs of increased peristalsis in absence of medical diagnosis include eruptive, disruptive, loose, watery, undigested, non-formed and explosive stools. many reasons may exist for decreased transit time including stress, virus, parasites, stimulants, history of medication use and food sensitivities. to curb Montezuma’s revenge bulk up with soluble and insoluble fibre found in psyllium husk, practice deep breathing exercises-10 breaths at 10x per day; replenish good bacteria with powdered probiotics-acidophillus and bifidus; remove aggressive dairy and other food or drug sensitivities; cut the coffee and cigs, take teas or capsules mades from herbs known to slow that spasm of the colon such as licorice, fenugreek and slippery elm. so no more need to rush to the cry of cock-crow. phewf!

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says september 11

Reduce stress through breath.  Practice lengthening the in ‘n ex so they are the same long slow length.  If inhalation is labour then the chinese kidney and lung are having a hard time grasping Qi, if the exhale is forced then it is the liver that needs help blowing off steam.  Build up to 40 seconds breathing the in the relaxation and 40 second breathing out the tension.  Notice the floating feeling on a calm sea.

xox dr millie lytle nd