millie says calibrate the span of life and health

calibrate the span of life and health. currently north americans suffer most from preventable ‘illnesses of excess’ related to smoking, drinking, poor diets, stress and lack of exercise. Some of these conditions include metabolic syndrome, heart disease, depression, kidney diseases, diabetes type II, infertility and certain cancers. we are living longer but suffering more chronically resulting in a life though lengthy, not necessarily happy. Canada currently ranks 10th on the map of merriment while the land-of-the-free-home-of-the-brave is way down the list at number 23. trudging moderately through the wasteful mounds of temptation to find long-lasting wellbeing as lightness at the end of the tunnel can be achieved by OWNING this chart of science simplified. I said O-W-N it.


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millie says skip the cow but not the ‘milk’

skip the cow but not the milk. if a drop of dairy makes the eyes red, the skin itch, stomach curdle, bowels growl, keeps stool staying put or shoot out the yingyang, doesn’t mean milk is out of the question. many people are truly allergic to the protein casein found in cow, goat or sheep milk products, which can isolate socially and gastronomically. Others are sensitive to the lactose in dairy, not producing enough of the enzyme lactase to digest the carbodydrates in cow products. Options for this lactose intolerance include taking a supplemental enzyme called lactase, consuming lactose-free milks and milk products, taking goats and sheep milk products or turning to vegetarian-based milk substitutes. The benefits of going veG include consuming food items lower on the food chain, lowering inflammatory markers, reducing overall estrogen intake which benefits estrogenic conditions such as endometiosis, certain cancers, fibroids and BPH…and being able to look a jersey-girl in the eye with a clear conscious. slurp!

xox dr millie lytle nd

“Raw Milk”

A tasty lactose-free, vegan alternative to dairy milk.

1 cup soaked almonds (can also use oats, soybeans, rice, hemp seeds)
(Soak in a bowl with water in the refrigerator overnight and rinse before using)
3 cups water
Optional 1 vanilla bean, seeds scooped out
Optional 3-5 soft pitted dates (or soak hard dates in water for 1/2 hour) or
other sweetener to taste such as honey, dark maple syrup, stevia

To make raw almond milk blend the soaked almonds with the water until smooth. Then strain the mixture through a sprout bag, cheesecloth, or strainer into a big bowl. Save the pulp in a container and use for deserts or smoothies.

Put the almond milk back into the blender carafe and blend in the vanilla seeds and dates or other sweetener until smooth. This milk will last in the refrigerator for about 3-5 days. Shake well before using.

Use for drinking, on cereal, in baking, in cafe au lait. Not a suitable substitute for breastmilk, but young children can drink it as long as all ingredients agree. Use as base for lactose-free yogurt. See my yogurt recipe.

Raw nog recipe: Blend in a banana and use a pinch of nutmeg to make a festive raw-nog.


millie says deny the great lie

deny the great lie. “born on the mountaintop” course creators Satyam and Freedom Malhotra have divised a psychology concept that asks us all to become aware of the love we seek and the methods we use to get it. are they healthy or not? these local brothers claim that the great lie is…. that we believe we need to prove ourselves in order to be worthy of love.

take a lesson from their book of creating awareness within and conjure the person from whom you seek the most approval……….on a large piece of paper write down in the centre “I will be loved just as I am” then write down “I need approval from……..”, then over the next week write down all thoughts and actions taken to seek approval and avoid rejection from that individual……shockingly time consuming!

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see them for yourself:

millie says october 18

encourage digestion with castor oil.  Taken internally castor oil is a mildly toxic cathartic or strong laxative that causes violent spasms of the intestines subsequently expelling the bowels with violent force so much so that it can actually be used a last resort to induce labour in post dates babies.  Used externally however castor oil is a gentle stimulus for the immune system of the digestive tract.  peyer’s patches are part of the MALT system found in the intestines and make up anywhere from 60-80% of the immune system.  when stimulated with castor oil packs or a gentle rub of the abdomen with castor oil proper dexoxification is maintained in our bowels stimulating the immune system to fight off viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens.  Castor oil rubs can be done daily before bed on infants, children, pregnant persons without the use of a heat source.  Castor oil packs include a castor oil soaked cloth and a heat source such as not water bottle, warm towel or heating pad can be done daily on adults as a relaxing nighttime routine while pondering the immunity in our bowels….

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millie says october 17

sleep in pitch dark. to regulate the endocrine system particularly for menstrual irregularities, cycles longer than 30, shorter than 26 days, trouble with fertility; sleep in absolute darkness so much so that a hand cannot be seen in front of the face. melatonin production increases with exposure to darkness during sleep which allows the endocrine system including hypothalamus, adrenal gland and ovaries (gonads) to recover from stress. only during the waxing stage, on the the night before, of and after the full moon should any light shine through which will help stimulate ovulation to occur during this time and therefore regulate cycles as they should according to the lunar calendar. if menstruation is occuring at full moon there is not need to switch over. children should not sleep with a night light as it disrupts depth of sleep. Howwwwl!

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millie says september 21

Wet your whistle. For new nursing moms it takes a few days for the milk to come in. Reduce stress with lots of lying down and sleeping, drink 2-3 litres of water per day and take the following drinks in order to increase milk supply: 1) Hops found in best concentration in a drink of Guinness beer does the trick to encourage milk let down. 2) To keep milk flowing nicely once it’s in, aromatic seeds like dill, fennel and fenugreek combined with 3) a bitter stimulant such as blessed thistle or milk thistle steeped in a tea have galactagogue effects. Parsley and sage but not rosemary or thyme, have weaning effects so it is best to avoid those in large quantity for duration of nursing.

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millies says august 29

Circulate all you can.  Female fertility issues can be due to ‘congestion’ in the uterus from a history of estrogen medications, alcohol, constipation, environmental toxins and suppressed menses.  In Chinese medicine the uterus is said to be stagnant with blood, cold or dampness.  Move blood and Qi with herbs like dong quai, licorice, wild yam and black cohosh. Physical therapies such as Castor oil packs (home remedy), exercise, acupuncture and mayan abdominal massage are all methods of clearing out uterine congestion making way for the delivery of oxygen rich blood to all the important areas so baby making can get done.

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ps.  see castor oil pack directions on march 29th blog.

millie says august 14

You are what you eat eats. We do not eat in isolation rather are vulnerable to everything that plants and animals are exposed to. The more organic and vegetarian matter we eat the fewer chemicals, hormones, toxins and disease we ingest as a result of poor farming practices. If a cow is getting mad from eating other dead cows when it should be chewing grassy cud, it is all the more troublesome for humans to be eating cows who eat cows instead of vegetarian. Skip the madness, go vegetarian more often or at least stick to the vegetarian cows.

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millie says august 13

you are what you eat.  in Chinese Medical philosophy life force known as essence comes to us in two forms: from our parents at conception and then again on a daily basis, from food.  So if you eat food with good essence you will have good essence.  if you eat food with good chemistry, you will have good chemistry.  if you eat living food you will have energy.  if you eat nutrient-rich health food, you will be nutrient rich.  eat what you wish to become rather than what’s convenient.

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millie says august 8

Take the heat.  When put on the hot seat, I will own up to what I’ve done wrong, learn from mistakes and incorporate them into my life’s lessons.  Then it will feel cool.

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