millie says know the ins and outs of bowel action

know the ‘ins’ and mostly ‘outs’ of bowel action.
1. it’s normal to have an easy well formed bowel movement 1-3 times per day, ideally corresponding with the number of time you’ve eaten.
2. it’s not normal to ‘miss’ a day
3. high impact exercise (walking, running, dancing, stair climbing) uses gravity to assist in the compacting of stool in the colon and rectum
4. relaxing on the toilet properly promotes liberation
5. straining not only breaks blood vessels on the skin but can cause bleeding at the anus.
6. fluids and fibre are needed in large amounts to promote proper bowel action. 8-10 cups of liquid (ideally water) and a minimum of 30 grams of fibre. the standard north american diet contains 5-8 grams per day.
7. constipation is the most common cause of hemorrhoids, fissures
8. constipation contributes to bowel and colon cancer.

check out the top twenty fibre foods and other info here:

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millie says AGE gracefully not gruesomely

AGE gracefully not gruesomely. who knows the definitive answer why marlon brando plunged from utmost physical beauty quickly over to the other side… using he, who was emotionally tormented (stress’ed), laden with diabetes (obese, sugared and pickled), had congestive heart failure (obese, oxidatively damaged) and cancer (mutated cell’ed) as a shockingly poignant example….one can envision AGE, despite its chemical complexities.

advanced glycation entities (AGE) are the result of a chemical process in the body that happens when a poor lifestyle (high fat, sugar, alcohol, smoking meets low fruits, veggies, antioxidants, fibre, exercise) greets middle age. what you get when you combine overdoses of sugar and with free-radicals in the long run. beauty one decade, beast the next. these lead to wrinkles, large pores and nevi in the nose, blindness from cataracts, clogs in the arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks and possibly cancer, of which marlon brando had…them all.

see before and after shots.Marlon Brando Young

Marlon Brando Middle Aged

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millie says calibrate the span of life and health

calibrate the span of life and health. currently north americans suffer most from preventable ‘illnesses of excess’ related to smoking, drinking, poor diets, stress and lack of exercise. Some of these conditions include metabolic syndrome, heart disease, depression, kidney diseases, diabetes type II, infertility and certain cancers. we are living longer but suffering more chronically resulting in a life though lengthy, not necessarily happy. Canada currently ranks 10th on the map of merriment while the land-of-the-free-home-of-the-brave is way down the list at number 23. trudging moderately through the wasteful mounds of temptation to find long-lasting wellbeing as lightness at the end of the tunnel can be achieved by OWNING this chart of science simplified. I said O-W-N it.


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millie says gastronomes gather gastric juices

gastronomes gather gastric juices. while foodies may shun the suggestion of keeping meat and bread separate, combining food strategically to benefit digestion is a good tip in times of gastric distress. basic principles of proper food combinations are that simple carbohydrates are digested in the mouth, complex carbohydrates in the small intestine, proteins in the stomach and fats in the intestines. when eating it’s best to avoid eating different food groups (proteins and carbs) to allow enzymatic action to be focused in either stomach or intestines rather than both at once. improperly digested food from stomach and intestines will cause indigestion in the form of burps, rot, bloat, flips and farts. uggh. make it easy on yourself by eating dairy, veg and animal protein with non starchy veggies and fats, complex carbs and starch with non starchy veggies and fats. fruit on its own. not much evidence for or against, but interesting to experiment with for those weak in the digestion. calm with combinations.

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millie says dry out for a while

dry out for a while. a month full of merry can pile up like a bowl of rancid jelly. take steps tout de suite to cut the sugar, fat and alcohol to dissuade the cellular metabolites from settling in for a long winter’s nap. dash on, dance on, prance on you vixen straight to your favorite cold winter activity followed by a warm up in a steam, sauna, detoxifying hot house of some tradition. pick a date, like today and give the calorific extras a break. exchange the creamy liquor soaked coffees for hot lemon water or dandelion root and leaf tea first thing in the morning righto and like a comet your liver will be functioning smoothly again by the time the valentine’s cupid rings at your door.

happy new year

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millie says practice makes good

practice makes good. making good choices, especially over the holidays can be a daily or hourly challenge on the to do list of dietary life. while restricting yourself is cruel, overindulging on empty calories day in day out will mess a body about, leaving nothing but regret and irritability to overcome at new year’s tone. move your health forward, now and all year ’round by resolving moment by moment to take the healthier choice like second helpings of green veggies and squash, the side salad, 1/2 a desert now and another half later, alternating a glass or two of water with the wine, the hazelnut not the jelly or mousse, the whole grain bread, a family walk, cranberries from scratch rather than a can, skipping a round of chocolates, the fish, the lentils…always choose the lentils for goodness sakes!!!

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millie says diminish dementia

diminish dementia. while Alzheimer’s cannot truly be diagnosed until after the fact of life comes death there are telltale signs that certainly make this form of memory impairment a differential diagnosis. misplacing keys, forgetting where the car is parked, repeating the same story over and over are normal results of aging although become worrisome when these events start happening with rapid frequency and affect daily life. studies show that a combination of vitamin E 400IU, vitamine C 500mg, and omega 3 fatty acids are the nutrients needed to prevent alzheimer’s, in particular. in addition to nutrients, exercising with brain sports or cross training, including whole brain puzzles, right and left brain puzzles such as crosswords, story telling, word associations, suikodo, learning a new language or playing a new musical instrument late in life have been shown to strengthen memory and minimize size of lesions in brain.

the perfect whole brain game: most people are more analytical or left brain dominant. if this is you you’ll see her spining counter-clockwise… either-way. get to her to switch direction.

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millie says remember resveritrol

remember resveritrol (though you may never have heard of it). a touted antioxidant shown to repair damaged DNA, dont slip a day away without it in your diet. shown to improve endurance performance in healthy and obese individuals as well as slow down platelet aggregation that can cause heart disease. raise resveritrol levels by consuming these foods daily: 1) up the reds in your diet such as blueberries, pomegranate, grapes, moderate amounts of red wine 2) in nuttier form peanuts, walnuts and pecans. rev it up.

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millie says do it do it do it

dont just think about it….do it do it do it. shed the status quo by taking action. save the trying for the past tense since it implies failure and is always followed by a ‘but’. I may have failed but at least I tried. next time i will succeed.

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millie says push away the picking and pulling

push away the picking and pulling. touch is a necessary but oft’ forgot component of self-care. when alone with no one to cuddle some people turn toward “trich” or dermatillomania to quell a habitual anxiety impulse. Habit Reversal Training (HRT) involves reducing cause of stress, avoiding the trigger, becoming mindful of the habit, performing a muscular movement and reconsidering the impulse until it no longer is in the driver seat. self massage instead of picking provides the same principles as HRT or CBT in that it reduces stress, promotes relaxation and kindness for the self as opposed to shame, anger and isolation. rub a dub dub.

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It’s easy to massage your own feet to refresh your body and mind daily. While sitting up, rest one foot on the other leg.

1. Put one hand on top of the foot and the other under the sole, then stroke smoothly from your toes to your ankles. Glide your hands back to your toes and repeat.

2. Support your foot with one hand and work on each toe individually. Squeeze it firmly, and gently stretch each toe with a gentle pull.

3. With one thumb on top of the other, do a line of firm pressures down the center of the sole and lines on either side. Then, with one thumb, do circular pressures on the arch and the ball of the foot.

4. Support your foot with one hand and make the other into a loose fist. Do knuckling movements all over the sole by rippling your fingers around in small circular movements.

5. Then, still holding the foot with one hand, hack the sole with your other hand, Flick your hand away the moment you touch the foot, so that the effect is light and springy.

6. Stroke around the ankle with your fingertips, as you stroke up toward the leg and gently as you glide back. Finish by stroking the foot as you did at the beginning.