Thanksgiving through Christmas


I want to share some tips, “How to Eat Thanksgiving through Christmas’. Normally I save this level of information for my Eating for Meaning clients but it’s the holidays so I am generous today ūüôā Read them below. These tips are literally the tip of the iceberg and leave you wanting more info so look way down there for what my holiday Eating for Meaning program…all online…. You don’t want to miss this offer to lose weight, eat well, and choose wisely over the holiday season. But here goes with my precious gift for you:

Top 5 Tips for Succeeding Thanksgiving to Christmas, heck even New Year’s:

1) Include a little detox in your meal plan. Start each morning with Hot Lemon Water to purge yourself from the night before. Use half a fresh lemon. Then eat breakfast 10 minutes later.

2) In addition to a high quality multivitamin, supplement with 2000-5000 IU of Vitamin D3 to improve sugar tolerance, improve immunity and lower diabetes risk.  If you know your serum level I can tell you exactly what dose is right for you.

3) Drink organic Green tea with a slice of lemon(no sweetener unless it’s raw honey) 3 cups per day to cut sugar cravings, breakdown alcohol in the liver, increase metabolism, reduce bacteria and virus.

4) If you are watering at the mouth excited to over-indulge tonight; have some lunch right now; like that cup of green tea, an organic egg on fiber toast with spinach greens.

5)¬†The day of a big party, do not starve yourself to save room for the dinner- eat a normal breakfast and lunch, with snacks in between so you eat normally at night. ¬†Never plan on “ruining your diet”, “gaining weight” or “pigging out”. The food will be plentiful and good and that’s good enough. Tomorrow is another day to eat.

6) Eat small portions of everything you want: a scoop of potatoes, a spoon of stuffing, 2-3 slivers of desert.  Be that person who cuts the square in 4, share it with your nearest and dearest. You are sexy!

These are tips to live by, especially at this time of the year when holiday season kicks off.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving! and celebrating the earlier harvest is a time-honored tradition north of the border. In Canada, the holiday is a bit purer because Charlie Brown’s problem of over-commercialization doesn’t begin until American Thanksgiving… or at least until after Hallowe’en.

Wether north or south of the border I celebrate my Thanksgiving¬†with free-range, hormone free turkey dinner, special home-made cranberry sauce, mashed turnips and potato mix, roasted squash, old bread stuffing with summer savory, gravy from scratch and string beans. Don’t forget the mustard pickles. ¬†Pumpkin pie for me. But if there happens to be some Pennsylvania Dutch Shoe Fly Pie, I’ll take that the next day at breakfast with a piece of old cheese. ¬†It’s my favorite pie!

That’s how I enjoy Thanksgiving, as well as with the people! It’s the people that count most. In the US, it’s pretty much the same right? But buyer beware as it’s a tad more difficult to secure that organic fowl. ¬†This year I have a lead on it. ¬†I have befriended an organic turkey farmer in Wexford PA. ¬†I will place my order with the Eichner farm as I will be with my own Mamabird that day.

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PS:¬†The Runners’ High Club meets every Sunday at 4:45pm rain or shine at the Eastern Parkway Entrance of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. ¬†Map see here:¬†Eastern Parkway Entrance near the bike racks¬†where people stretch. ¬†This is parkside of the Brooklyn Library and Grand Army Plaza. Let’s run together! ¬†The trick is…to do it as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible. That’s right.

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Want to know one of my primary secrets to anti-aging? This juice cannot be purchased in stores, but you CAN order it online. ¬†It is RICH in antioxidants; carotenes, lycopene and luteins. ¬†It’ll naturally protect your skin from the sun, and cancer. ¬†And help you reverse the aging process. ¬†it’s called G3 juice and it comes from a South Asian Superfruit called Gac. ¬†Gac is where it’s AT. I¬†take 1 oz twice daily, morning and evening.
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Use Distributor number: US00227731
Click on Map to Meeting Place In Prospect Park
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Millie says, Inc provides naturopathic medicine with virtual and in-person anti-aging programs.

millie says lick local honey

lick local honey like a lollipop.¬† in addition to the readily available carbohydrates in honey and the bacterial protein content of the raw variety, even more healthful is the sweet arsenal of immune defense it provides pour vous.¬† a steady but small dose of locally made honey reduces seasonal allergies by exposing the immune system to the dust, pollens, mould and bacteria of the current environment so the white blood cells are less likely to react when the big blast comes during allergy-season. ¬† like a small daily slug of arsenic or more modernly like an allergy shot or a vaccine, a satisfying spoonful of honey in medicine in it’s most delicious form.¬† but buzz off billy bee, a shell of it’s local raw self.

xox dr millie lytle ndraw and local

millie says the feet are not an emunctory

though it may be more helpful than what your good-ol-missing-half-the-pie scientific doc tells you from time to time, you would never hold a psychic responsible for mis-predicting the future as it’s all in fun. i’m as ‘carney’ as the other gal and dont like to disappoint detox hopefuls but the feet are not an emunctory. some of us might pay to watch the fun-house as black as petrol crud escapes from the tootsies when immersed in a jumble of electrodes and wires. although the metamorphosis of clear water to a bath of yellow, green and white foam and filth has been reported by its user to clear foggy head, balance a urine pH and unbind cells on a live blood cell microscopy screen in an abracadabra moment, the science just dont mak-a sens-a to-a me-a no matter how ye’coddle it…this ‘technology’ seems bogus from an any health standpoint i know of and I’ll eat my words with cotton candy if i’m wrong.

to recap… though the skin does flush toxins, poo still comes out the bum not the feet. step right up and see the show.

ion foot bath

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says break box bind

colon cleanse colon cleanse,
on the shelf
how do I know if you’re worthy of m’self
purchasing, drinking and waiting on you
to do your mysterious job,
them say is good for you to do.

break box bind. the colon is the large instestine basicallly, 6 feet long moving waste from the small intestine to the rectum.¬† it gets clogged when we eat a diet poor in fibre and nouveau riche in the american goo and glue diet of white flower, burger sugar and coffee.¬† ideally it’s best to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains all year round so that the colon doesn’t get bogged down with 10-15 pounds of fecal matter, it’s estimated the standard north american has, in addition, it’s wise to cleanse the colon during the spring and fall to keep the motor enema

you don’t need a box to do a cleanse but they’re easy so here’s the breakdown of their components. 1) a liver cleanser consisting of encapsulated dandelion, beet, milk thistle, etc. which don’t work as well in dried form as in teas and tinctures, but will suffice.¬† 2) fibre- usually psyllium, some may contain herbs such as cascara segrada, senna (a laxative) and rhubard to get the bowels moving.¬† candida cleanses will include bentonite clay, which is a purely indigestible mineral fibre, that cleans off debris from the sides of the colon, like all fibre does but in different form.¬† 3) a recipe guide that will tell you which foods to eat on which days.¬† it is possible to get an entire detox program in one package, and it is possible to use no package at all, simply to follow the hypoallergenic or detox diet for a couple of weeks, take fibre and a bitter tea 2-3 times per day.¬† an epsom salt flush will also do the trick, and is usually encorporated into the master cleanse or lemonade fast.¬† then there’s always the warm coffee enema from the drug store or the nurse-required colonic package.¬† remember to replenish with probiotics after the cleanse is through.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says clean your kidney beans

kidney beanskidneys

clean your kidney beans. The primary role of the complex renal system is to balance bodily fluids by filtering and secreting metabolites and minerals from the blood and passing them with water. in doing so urine filters out water soluble debris and balances blood synthesis, sugar and pressure. the most useful element for cleaning the nephron is pure water. litres of it per day will call the wild, and the more the better in order to fulfill the above functions. a low to moderate sodium, sugar and allergen intake is also necessary to help the regulators regulate. certain foods and herbs that raise renal raison d’etre are a regular addition of sour foods (cranberry, sour cherries and lemon), foods high in chlorophyll (parsley, kale, dandelion), and herbal tea concoction of juniper berry, marshmallow root, cleavers, oatstraw, horsetail, dandelion root, uva ursi help the kidney function their best. dont avoid the void, pass the pass.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says switch from [coffee] beans to roots

switch from beans to roots, if only periodically. so march came in like a lamb, does it go out like a lion or out like a lamb all the same? either way it’s time to start thinking about a spring cleanse. for first time detoxifiers, symptoms can be harsh enough as it is without having to suffer through a caffeine withdrawal headache to boot. the more toxic you are the more initial detox symptoms may present with a headache, fatigue, bowel changes, skin eruptions, moodiness, the desire to stay in bed. advice is to c-c-c-come off the caffeine 3 days prior to the cleanse, used during the cleanse or just all year ’round. made from a variety of roasted roots and toasted grains such as chicory, beet, dandelion, rye, wheat, and barley, figs, acorns by themselves or combined for a malty flavored drink, they’re bitter, comforting and caffeine free. though all toasted products including coffee, may have acrylamide, a likely-carcinogen found in heat-processed carbohydrates, the bitter flavour provides a gentle liver detox in itself without the stimulant effects of coffee. grocery stores carry brand names such as krakus, inca, postum, bambu, Carp, caf-lib or for a gluten-free alternative pick up roasted chicory or dandelion root at health food stores. surprisingly delicious.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says know the ins and outs of bowel action

know the ‘ins’ and mostly ‘outs’ of bowel action.
1. it’s normal to have an easy well formed bowel movement 1-3 times per day, ideally corresponding with the number of time you’ve eaten.
2. it’s not normal to ‘miss’ a day
3. high impact exercise (walking, running, dancing, stair climbing) uses gravity to assist in the compacting of stool in the colon and rectum
4. relaxing on the toilet properly promotes liberation
5. straining not only breaks blood vessels on the skin but can cause bleeding at the anus.
6. fluids and fibre are needed in large amounts to promote proper bowel action. 8-10 cups of liquid (ideally water) and a minimum of 30 grams of fibre. the standard north american diet contains 5-8 grams per day.
7. constipation is the most common cause of hemorrhoids, fissures
8. constipation contributes to bowel and colon cancer.

check out the top twenty fibre foods and other info here:

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says AGE gracefully not gruesomely

AGE gracefully not gruesomely. who knows the definitive answer why marlon brando plunged from utmost physical beauty quickly over to the other side… using he, who was emotionally tormented (stress’ed), laden with diabetes (obese, sugared and pickled), had congestive heart failure (obese, oxidatively damaged) and cancer (mutated cell’ed) as a shockingly poignant example….one can envision AGE, despite its chemical complexities.

advanced glycation entities (AGE) are the result of a chemical process in the body that happens when a poor lifestyle (high fat, sugar, alcohol, smoking meets low fruits, veggies, antioxidants, fibre, exercise) greets middle age. what you get when you combine overdoses of sugar and with free-radicals in the long run. beauty one decade, beast the next. these lead to wrinkles, large pores and nevi in the nose, blindness from cataracts, clogs in the arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks and possibly cancer, of which marlon brando had…them all.

see before and after shots.Marlon Brando Young

Marlon Brando Middle Aged

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says pass the CAGE AUDIT

I once knew a guy who got over alcohol dependency with tablespoons of raw honey every time he wanted a drink.

do you pass the CAGE AUDIT? so you work hard, play harder. you’re an artist, musician, designer, cultural vector representing a minority of the thinking kind, not ‘class’ cuz da politically enlightened dont use that word. networking is part of the game; openings, parties and hopefully free booze. or maybe you daylight-moonlight as a corporati working long hours, spreading yourself thin, just to get to that next position of exclusive perks, keeping it together posturing yourself as hard working clever cool. maybe you have a family and the stress is higher at home than it is at work. or maybe you’re a student or you were a student and got lost between final exams and a job fair in whistler, alberta. or maybe you just got dumped, widowed, orphaned, fired, traumatized or injured, people say you’re fortunate to have survived that one, but you’re not feeling very lucky. you may wonder do you drink socially, socially considering your situation or do you just plain have a problem?

here’s the test, the CAGE questionnaire. a score of 2 or more will encourage you to the AUDIT self-test, The World Health Organization’s Alcohol Use Disorder’s Identification Test. 8 or more could be a reason to seek treatment or support- links below).

1) Two “yes” responses indicate that you should be investigated further. The questionnaire asks the following questions:

  1. Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your drinking?
  2. Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?
  3. Have you ever felt Guilty about drinking?
  4. Have you ever felt you needed a drink first thing in the morning (Eye-opener) to steady your nerves or to get rid of a hangover?

2) AUDIT Self Test:

3) Support and Treatment:

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says take a worrywort rather than a chill pill

take a worrywort rather than a chill pill. a wort is a herb named after the item it’s meant to heal such as liverwort (machantia), lungwort (pulmonaria) or for poisonous bites drink a snakewort (senega). while this method of naming is folkloric, most common in native medicine, a wort is a healing agent rather than a proliferator of such and such.

individual worts must be wisely consumed based on each of their merit not simply on titulage. St John’s Wort (hypericum) was identified by ‘doctrine of signatures’ or appearance giving way to its function. named after John the Baptist, whose feast day, June 24 th, occurs on european solstice when the plant is in full bloom resembles a halo with its five yellow petals and flowing red sap that symbolises the blood of the martyred saint.the name Hypericum means ‘greatest health’.

rather than worrying be proactive with your health as it could prevent the real health worries down the road or just take one of the many worryworts, including me with a grain of salt: hypericum, kava, melissa (lemon balm), passion flower, hops, catnip, chamomile, valerian, borage. and worry not.

xox dr millie lytle nd