Happy Naturopathic Medicine Week; Congress says so


Obamacare is starting to roll and as a Canadian and a graduate of international public health program, I am familiar with the pros and cons of government mandated health care. Overall the research shows it improves population health by a long-shot so don’t freak out at all the unknowns.  I have been gathering my resources to help you figure it all out, and TRUST ME, you do not know all the information so be sure to learn what you need in order to make healthcare work for you. So if you want to hear more, give me a shout!

Happy Naturopathic Medicine Week to all NDs, Users, Supporters and Friends!!

Congress is recommending everyone consider Naturopathic Medicine as a treatment option and here is the official recommendation:

1st Session
S. RES. 221

Designating the week of October 7 through October 13, 2013, as
“Naturopathic Medicine Week” to recognize the value of naturopathic
medicine in providing safe, effective, and affordable health care.



September 10, 2013

Ms. Mikulski submitted the following resolution; which was considered
and agreed to



Designating the week of October 7 through October 13, 2013, as
“Naturopathic Medicine Week” to recognize the value of naturopathic
medicine in providing safe, effective, and affordable health care.

Whereas, in the United States, more than 75 percent of health care costs are due
to preventable chronic illnesses, including high blood pressure, which
affects 88,000,000 people in the United States, and diabetes, which
affects 26,000,000 people in the United States;
Whereas nearly two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese
and, consequently, at risk for serious health conditions, such as high
blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and
Whereas 70 percent of people in the United States experience physical or
nonphysical symptoms of stress, and stress can contribute to the
development of major illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease,
depression, and diabetes;
Whereas the aforementioned chronic health conditions are among the most common,
costly, and preventable health conditions;
Whereas naturopathic medicine provides noninvasive, holistic treatments that
support the inherent self-healing capacity of the human body and
encourage self-responsibility in health care;
Whereas naturopathic medicine focuses on patient-centered care, the prevention
of chronic illnesses, and early intervention in the treatment of chronic
Whereas naturopathic physicians attend 4-year, graduate level programs that are
accredited by agencies approved by the Department of Education;
Whereas aspects of naturopathic medicine have been shown to lower the risk of
major illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes;
Whereas naturopathic physicians can help address the shortage of primary care
providers in the United States;
Whereas naturopathic physicians are trained to refer patients to conventional
physicians and specialists when necessary;
Whereas the profession of naturopathic medicine is dedicated to providing health
care to underserved populations; and
Whereas naturopathic medicine provides consumers in the United States with more
choice in health care, in line with the increased use of a variety of
integrative medical treatments: Now, therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Senate–
(1) designates the week of October 7 through October 13,
2013, as “Naturopathic Medicine Week”;
(2) recognizes the value of naturopathic medicine in
providing safe, effective, and affordable health care; and
(3) encourages the people of the United States to learn
about naturopathic medicine and the role that naturopathic
physicians play in preventing chronic and debilitating
illnesses and conditions.

Is that too long to read?  Here are the CLIFF NOTES: So basically Congress is recommending people use Naturopathic Medicine based on the high level of doctoral training, the safety, affordability and efficacy of it, the fact that over 70% of Americans suffer from PREVENTABLE nutritionally related chronic illness and Naturopathic Doctor’s proven role in preventing chronic and debilitating illnesses and conditions.

xox Dr Millie oxo

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millie says AGE gracefully not gruesomely

AGE gracefully not gruesomely. who knows the definitive answer why marlon brando plunged from utmost physical beauty quickly over to the other side… using he, who was emotionally tormented (stress’ed), laden with diabetes (obese, sugared and pickled), had congestive heart failure (obese, oxidatively damaged) and cancer (mutated cell’ed) as a shockingly poignant example….one can envision AGE, despite its chemical complexities.

advanced glycation entities (AGE) are the result of a chemical process in the body that happens when a poor lifestyle (high fat, sugar, alcohol, smoking meets low fruits, veggies, antioxidants, fibre, exercise) greets middle age. what you get when you combine overdoses of sugar and with free-radicals in the long run. beauty one decade, beast the next. these lead to wrinkles, large pores and nevi in the nose, blindness from cataracts, clogs in the arteries leading to strokes and heart attacks and possibly cancer, of which marlon brando had…them all.


see before and after shots.Marlon Brando Young

Marlon Brando Middle Aged

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says buy into brown apricots

buy into brown apricots. sulphates are one of the oldest preservatives in food, keeping everything from dried fruits to wine and beer to deli and luncheon meats to sausages to instant potatoes aged just-right for the taste of convenience. these foods made at home would contain health preserving probiotics and sea salt, but for the million-mile diet without the sulphates (sulfates), foods dont keep as long and cost more due to ‘get-what-you-pay-for’ philosophy of cost over quality. key point is that studies show it’s better to keep this nasty preservative out of the diet as it’s been linked to the embarrassing rotten egg smell emanating from you-know-where to food allergies to inflammatory bowel diseases to colon cancer. due to a string of chemical processes that create sulphur-reducing baceria in the gut, your intestines could resemble the sludge at the bottom of from a scottish swamp, and that aint healthy but capable of coroding metal tubes, let alone tissue pipes. here we go: sulphates in food and drink > sulphites > then create a poisonous waste product called hydrogen sulphide (odorous), which to humans, the compound is as toxic as cyanide > in water, it rapidly becomes highly corrosive sulphuric acid. so eat suphur like cabbage and garlic but not sulphates like orange apricots and pastrami.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says find yourself today

find yourself today. first find solitude to reflect, sit in the present and ponder “who am I”. weed out the voices of others from what comes from the inside. veer off a charted course to ask yourself every question in the book about decisions you’ve made for example 1) what would I be doing with all the resources possible 2) what do I want to avoid regretting when I look back on my life 3) what words would describe the kind of person I want to be. write for 3 solid minutes clear stream consciousness without editing or sensoring a word. act upon information that emerges. prepare to do it again tomorrow, next week and next year. head hunt yourself.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says try the miraculous perimeter diet

try the miraculous perimeter diet. the internal aisles of the super store contain the filler- canned goods, pasta, crackers, cookies, chips, pop, condiments, marachino cherries, baking supplies, twinkies +. this long-dead food wouldn’t go bad if an elneno storm covered us in a blanket of snow for the winter, though the recent squall might have attempted to tempt stocking up on non-perishables, eating those foods creates an american health statistic. avoid filling the cart with an expanding middle by tracing the the border of the store for staples such as produce, fermented soy, meat, fish, dairy, and bread. the average american gains 7-10 pounds yearly over the holiday season. 16% of US adults have high cholesterol. 7 in 10 people do not exercise regularly. over 1/3 of red white and blues are obese. stick to the sidelines and avoid this fate since it’s not only american statistics of concern….haven’t you heard 1/11 Ontarioan adults over 20 have diabetes…but dont forget to sneak in for brown rice, lentils and beans.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says give yourself a present every day

give yourself a present everyday. no need to wait for christmas, birthday or a much deserved IOU from a friend who stayed in your apartment for a month when you can choose to love yourself daily. aquisitions to yourself come in all sizes, shapes and prices but the best ones are the ones that feed your soul, allow you to take time out, listen to the birds singing in your head without exhausting the pocket book. agent dale cooper chooses a cup of hot black coffee for his daily gift to himself as it allows him to unwind and so can yours be a cup of skullcap tea, a 10 minute day dreaming break, a 5 minute nap, a 45 minute walk in the country, a hand or foot massage with the best scented moisturizer, a cuddle with a friend, 100 deep breaths, a bowl of berries, a eucalyptus bath, a 20 minute sauna. whatever the form the gift comes, let it be enlightening, relaxing and cheap. regift daily.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says do it do it do it

dont just think about it….do it do it do it. shed the status quo by taking action. save the trying for the past tense since it implies failure and is always followed by a ‘but’. I may have failed but at least I tried. next time i will succeed.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says use natural medicines first

use natural medicines first. due to policy and historical skepticism surrounding complementary and alternative medicine such as naturopathy, homeopathy and herbalism, these traditional medicines are socially saved for last. when mainstream medical treatment is no longer working, people turn to alternative medicines, prepared to try ‘ANYTHING’. though gentle medicine might work at this later stage it is not the ideal time to use them as the body is less sensitive burdened with chemical competition. natural medicines are free and easy wanderers inside the body’s palace, not having been condensed into active pharmaceutical compounds that hammer a physiological change. they gently improve a baseline health by replacing nutrition, regulating immune or energetically steering the body towards its natural state of health. the fewer meds used, the fewer meds needed.

xox dr millie lytle nd

millie says skip the cow but not the ‘milk’

skip the cow but not the milk. if a drop of dairy makes the eyes red, the skin itch, stomach curdle, bowels growl, keeps stool staying put or shoot out the yingyang, doesn’t mean milk is out of the question. many people are truly allergic to the protein casein found in cow, goat or sheep milk products, which can isolate socially and gastronomically. Others are sensitive to the lactose in dairy, not producing enough of the enzyme lactase to digest the carbodydrates in cow products. Options for this lactose intolerance include taking a supplemental enzyme called lactase, consuming lactose-free milks and milk products, taking goats and sheep milk products or turning to vegetarian-based milk substitutes. The benefits of going veG include consuming food items lower on the food chain, lowering inflammatory markers, reducing overall estrogen intake which benefits estrogenic conditions such as endometiosis, certain cancers, fibroids and BPH…and being able to look a jersey-girl in the eye with a clear conscious. slurp!

xox dr millie lytle nd

“Raw Milk”

A tasty lactose-free, vegan alternative to dairy milk.

1 cup soaked almonds (can also use oats, soybeans, rice, hemp seeds)
(Soak in a bowl with water in the refrigerator overnight and rinse before using)
3 cups water
Optional 1 vanilla bean, seeds scooped out
Optional 3-5 soft pitted dates (or soak hard dates in water for 1/2 hour) or
other sweetener to taste such as honey, dark maple syrup, stevia

To make raw almond milk blend the soaked almonds with the water until smooth. Then strain the mixture through a sprout bag, cheesecloth, or strainer into a big bowl. Save the pulp in a container and use for deserts or smoothies.

Put the almond milk back into the blender carafe and blend in the vanilla seeds and dates or other sweetener until smooth. This milk will last in the refrigerator for about 3-5 days. Shake well before using.

Use for drinking, on cereal, in baking, in cafe au lait. Not a suitable substitute for breastmilk, but young children can drink it as long as all ingredients agree. Use as base for lactose-free yogurt. See my yogurt recipe.

Raw nog recipe: Blend in a banana and use a pinch of nutmeg to make a festive raw-nog.

Source: http://www.living-foods.com/recipes/almondmilk.html

millie says anti-age with the color violet

anti-age with the color violet. though color therapy sounds like a bunch of balloony, the world be bleak dressed in its absence. Beyond the technical science of light and wavelengths, colors serve a healthful purpose in our world, allowing the eye to pick up vibrational energy that is mood enhancing and even healing. It is said in chromotherapy that certain wavelengths provide health to specific organs and moods. Violet, the color at the bottom of the rainbow, has the shortest wavelength at 400 nm and therefore the highest vibration. The pineal gland situated in our brain behind our eyes, is stimulated by light reflected off the retina. In the presence of the color violet the pineal gland produces melatonin, which is responsible for producing sleep, improving immunity, reducing stress and cellular death (aging). so instead of botox, dress your partner or your children in purple. om.

xox dr millie lytle nd