millie says develop a summer skin regime

while i’ve always maintained that pimples, not chronic acne, but pimples are your friend because the skin is a superficial organ of waste expression. if there are toxins in the body, then the skin will respond by creating a pimple to release it, though unsightly, you can be happy a good deed is being done. certain times and places, such as hot fun in summer city, can lead to more pimples than one would pride. when it do, develop a summer skin regime. while different skin types need different wash, toner and moisturizer generally it’s best to go with a pH balanced soap, cold water splash, toner and moisturizer, and to repeat 2-3 times per day.

while i’ve always maintained that pimples, not chronic acne, but pimples are your friend because the skin is a superficial organ of waste expression. if there are toxins in the body, then the skin will respond by creating a pimple to release it, though unsightly, you can be happy a good deed is being done. certain times and places, such as hot fun in summer city, can lead to more pimples than one would pride. when it do, develop a summer skin regime. while different skin types need different wash, toner and moisturizer generally it’s best to go with a pH balanced soap, cold water splash, toner and moisturizer, and to repeat 2-3 times per day.

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millie says tap to heal

tap to heal. there once was an organ who dwells in the chest behind the breast bone or sternum as those detail oriented folks say. lying close to the heart, made stronger by self-love, self-care, joy, prayer and hope it was devoted to helping the body heal itself. its name was thymus gland, an endocrine organ committed to the activation of fighter and helper cells synthesized in the bone marrow. thymus gland would spring into action telling specific white cells to go to the area of weakness, infection when repair and defense was needed. this was a big job especially when it resides within the body of tired, stressed, overworked, overdrugged individuals. thymus gland told me to relay a message to you so that you would enable its ability to heal your body. if it could talk it would say “tap me to heal; I need you to be relaxed to function well; tap me to heal right at the breast bone with the tips of your fingers; coordinated arm and leg movements strengthen me such as swimming, yoga, brain games, marching; tap me to heal gently but with intent; I am nourished by antioxidants, sleep, probiotics, and astragalus; tap to heal me heal you.”

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millie says level off the edge

level off the edge. irregular eating habits can really throw blood sugar, insulin and serotonin into a spin. not only does starvation sabotage productivity and performance it also sends mixed messages to hold onto as much permanent energy as possible (fat) and lose the mind. slow down the whirl by eating regular meals. Studies show that eating every 2-3 hours, including a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks is an effective way avoid cravings, motor agitation, nervousness and emotional instability. a balanced one-plate meal consisting of protein (beans, sprouts, nuts, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese), complex carbohydrates (berries, greens, yellow-orange-red vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds) and healthy fats (cold water fish, olive, coconut, flax, nuts, seeds, avocado, nut butters) will provide a solid foundation for stress reduction. so buck up and eat.

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millie says stockpile vitamin d

stockpile vitamin d. as the sun’s angle to the earth decreases create an inverse relationship to increase fish and/or vitamin D intake. a fat soluble vitamin, this nutrient preventer of bone diseases such as osteomalacia, rickets and some bone and skin cancers naturally occurs in animal products such as cold water fish, salmon roe, eggs and though not a natural source milk is fortified but usually not ice cream, yogurt or cheese. being fat soluble means that vitamin D can build up and be stored in the body so when taking the fish or oils of cod liver, salmon, albacore tuna, mackerel, halibut, herring, sardines, a mixture or pure source (no dyes, sugar or artificial flavours) vitamin D inconsistent vitamin consumers can take a minimum weekly dose of 7000 IU 1 time per week instead of 1000 IU 7x per week. vitamin D supplementation in some form is important for all people living in northern climates but even moreso for vegetarians and especially vegans. watch the bows of your toddler’s legs as an exaggerated bow could mean subclinical vitamin D deficiency or rickets.

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millie says eat the french paradox oui oui

eat the french paradox. they smoke comme des cheminees but still have lower cancer, obesity and diabetes rates than North Americans possibly due to their diets. their petit dejeune which would never be fully consumed include an egg, a toast, une creme fraiche, croissant, un jus and provides protein, carbs and little bites of sugar rather than binge doses. butter, cheese, cream, meat grizzle, swigs of wine on a daily basis and are never sans un peu d’cafe. so what gives. the small-plated meals are rich in raw olive oil, lemon, fresh herbs, local seafood, free-roaming properly fed on grassy cud providing healthy lifestyles for the animals in turn producing better meat, milk, cheese and butter including unpasteurized healthy microflora, omega 3 and 6 fats and fewer hormones. antioxidants levels are high in the french diet as they consume stacks of fresh veggies, eat fruits for desert and drink local wines. they also take their stress in stride by leaving work pour un tout petit cafe a creme with friends. so dont smoke like them but eat like them. oui oui oui.

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millie says october 5

Hello, chokecherries, saskatoon berries and gooseberries, oh my. Goodbye noni, gogi, coffee berries and acai. Beware spending premium dollars for dried cure-alls stored in containers and plastic bags having formerly contained more antioxidant super power prior to being dried then shipped from the Himalayans. Devouring fresh forage growing wild and free on crown land will provide more phytochemicals you see-a, there is no panacea but many super foods locally found rather than bound for other destinations.

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Here’s a link that discusses the what’s on the menu and what’s off for national berry picking.

millie says september 17

faster pussycat k-k-k-k-k-ill the c-c-candida.  Only in the healthy-lifestyle-foresaken western world do we even have an illness affecting 20-something women such this.  TCM may slap the diagnosis “damp heat in the lower burner” causing itching burning and pain in the urinary tract, vagina and extensive mood and skin problems.  Influencing its presence are chronic use of antibiotics for urinary tract infections causing a vicious cycle into yeast infections,  high sugar, alcohol and dairy  diet, dehydration, constipation and more than 5 years of oral contraceptive use.  Pave the  way for athlete’s foot, warts, tinea, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, cystic acne, allergies, depression and infertility. Blah. This is the kind of cycle that makes women want to tear their bodies from their minds.

See Candida you nasty thing part 1 and Candida be gone ? (Part Deux) for a questionnaire, a diet and a three step approach to killing the suckers for good.

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hands on health for HPV © by dr Millie Says ND

Hands On HPV © by dr. Millie Says ND

Since Dr. Tori Hudson ND’s research in the 1990’s Naturopathic Doctors have known that several strains of HPV are largely responsible for genital warts, precancerous states of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer. Due to this history and using Dr. Hudson’s research NDs have formulated effective approaches for the prevention and treatment of HPV-related conditions that can be an alternative and complementary to the new vaccine.

Naturopathic medicine addresses concerns regarding HPV with three major methods. First, focus is on prevention through education. If this is no longer relevant, then treat without causing further harm to the body. Stimulating the body’s innate ability to heal itself by supporting the immune system is the ultimate intention.

Although not everyone exposed develops any symptoms, it’s best to protect our daughters and selves by avoiding the risk factors for acquiring HPV.

1. Unprotected heterosexual contact. Of the 100 or so HPV strains, all are spread by direct skin on skin contact. The penis can be an asymptomatic carrier of the virus especially when it comes to the strains that cause cervical cancer. Unprotected intercourse can predispose a woman to developing cervical abnormalities. Even with the use of a condom though, genital warts can be contacted, as condoms do not cover the entire area.
2. Smoking. With the highest correlation, a 2-3-fold increase, smoking increases likelihood of developing cervical abnormalities due to antioxidants lost and increased free radicals levels simultaneously decreasing the immune system.
3. Poor nutrient diet. A diet rich with green, yellow, orange, red and cruciferous vegetables has been shown as more beneficial than taking large doses of supplements containing the same known nutrients.
4. Birth control pill. Long-term use of this and other medications may be responsible for nutrient deficiencies of those very antioxidants, folate, vitamin C and zinc, needed to protect against conditions caused by HPV.
5. Several partners. Having several unprotected male partners prior to 18 years of age exposes young women at a time when the body is still maturing therefore when cells in cervix are still growing and more susceptible to viral influences.

If one has been at risk then its time for a PAP test. Prevention and early detection strategies are, after all imperative reasons to maintain yearly checkups from time of first sexual contact. The newest version of the PAP test is able to detect the presence of HPV. If abnormal cells are present then one’s doctor, MD, nurse practitioner or ND, will likely recommend a follow up within 3-6 months. During this time the abnormal cells may resolve spontaneously, remain unchanged or progress. Susceptibility to HPV infection is based on the particular strain of HPV, of which 3-4 are responsible for the majority of irregular cell activity, lifestyle factors mentioned above and immune health.

Once diagnosed with abnormal cervical cells or cervical dysplasia, rather than waiting to see the next outcome, why not consult with an ND or another qualified CAM provider who can work to increase antioxidant and immune system status. Treatment may include nutrition and diet suggestions for increasing specific nutrient levels found in foods that top the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale and improving immunity. It is particularly important to consume foods high in specific antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, carotenoids, lycopene, selenium and zinc as well as Indol 3 Carbinol (I3C) found in raw cruciferous vegetables.

In addition to the vitamin protocol it may be necessary to be treated with a rotating series of antiviral vaginal suppositories in cases of moderate or severe cervical dysplasia. These suppositories would include a combination of antiviral, eschariotics and therapeutic herbs, enzymes and vitamins to treat and heal the local site. These suppositories are a capable of killing the virus and healing the local area and are non-scarring like the LEEP procedure. They must be performed or taught by a trained alternative health professional.

The vaccine (Gardisil) may seem like an easy solution, it does not replace prevention and education for best results.  In addition long term studies have not been done, so the actual safety of the vaccine, is still unknown (see incidence reports ). Incidence reports have shown that HPV vaccine has been involved in 8 deaths, and over 3100 reported adverse events including neurological paralysis and paresis, the Epstein Barr Virus and even cancer.  The gut instinct says ‘alert alert’ and while we still await long-term trials that will show long-term effects such as how many boosters are needed and whether it will actually work for everyone.  Now it has been approved for boys as well, due to the increasing incidence of throat and anal cancers associated with HPV.   Take precautions by educating your sons, daughters and selves on the risk factors and sound lifestyle approaches.


millie says august 31

Fret not over a juice bar tan.  An overabundance of orange-pigmented carotenoids or pro-vitamin A will provide an interesting hue in fair skinned people.  Beta carotene, a water soluble nutrient derived from orange, yellow and red fruits and vegetables, while turning the skin the color of a spray-on tan is not harmful to the body.  If anything, this antioxidant protects against the sun’s rays.  Unlike jaundice, it does not affect the whites of the eyes and will even make them appear whiter because of your seemingly sun-kissed glow. 

One caution, if you are ingesting litres of carrot juice per day, ensure it’s organic as the pesticides concentrated in conventional carrot juice could damage the liver and give you jaundice.  D’oh.

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millie says august 13

you are what you eat.  in Chinese Medical philosophy life force known as essence comes to us in two forms: from our parents at conception and then again on a daily basis, from food.  So if you eat food with good essence you will have good essence.  if you eat food with good chemistry, you will have good chemistry.  if you eat living food you will have energy.  if you eat nutrient-rich health food, you will be nutrient rich.  eat what you wish to become rather than what’s convenient.

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