millie says calibrate the span of life and health

calibrate the span of life and health. currently north americans suffer most from preventable ‘illnesses of excess’ related to smoking, drinking, poor diets, stress and lack of exercise. Some of these conditions include metabolic syndrome, heart disease, depression, kidney diseases, diabetes type II, infertility and certain cancers. we are living longer but suffering more chronically resulting in a life though lengthy, not necessarily happy. Canada currently ranks 10th on the map of merriment while the land-of-the-free-home-of-the-brave is way down the list at number 23. trudging moderately through the wasteful mounds of temptation to find long-lasting wellbeing as lightness at the end of the tunnel can be achieved by OWNING this chart of science simplified. I said O-W-N it.


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millie says sing a song

“sing. sing a song. sing out loud, sing out strong. sing of good things not bad. sing of happy not sad…sing to last your whole life long. dont worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song.” bob mcgrath sings joe raposo’s classic from sesame street saying it all in this song that promotes wholesome fun, beauty-preserving age prevention and heart health promotion of singing. singing opens up the airways and encourages deep breathing and oxygenation working the heart and abdominals, back and neck muscles strenghtening posture, stretching and relaxing facial muscles that promote photogenicity Singing also increases endorphins, the feel-good hormones released from the adrenal glands, keeps the mind working and remembering lyrics preventing dementia. Lastly singing is community building, relaxing and a merry ol’ time. so despite what your parents or kids say your band is good and karaoke too.

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millie says dry out for a while

dry out for a while. a month full of merry can pile up like a bowl of rancid jelly. take steps tout de suite to cut the sugar, fat and alcohol to dissuade the cellular metabolites from settling in for a long winter’s nap. dash on, dance on, prance on you vixen straight to your favorite cold winter activity followed by a warm up in a steam, sauna, detoxifying hot house of some tradition. pick a date, like today and give the calorific extras a break. exchange the creamy liquor soaked coffees for hot lemon water or dandelion root and leaf tea first thing in the morning righto and like a comet your liver will be functioning smoothly again by the time the valentine’s cupid rings at your door.

happy new year

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millie says envision a happy cloud

envision a happy cloud. push that little happy cloud into your mind space when transit and road rage have got you by the neurofibres. dont bang your steering wheel or seethe at the guy who’s sharp gift box corners are hitting you in the leg, just take it with understanding that no one is going anywhere and making the blood pressure rise up, rise up is no way to remain in a festive spirit and certainly not going to do you any good today. so sit back, close your eyes, breath deeply and slowly and look into the non-dominant handed corner of your mind and picture your happy place; create it; paint it; mould it; work it. it’s there for you whenever you need it, full of peace, light, comfort, confidence, hopes for the day, tranquility, serenity, joyous salvation that you are free and time is nothing at all and really there is no where to go. no where to be at all but here in your happy spot.

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millie says listen from the inside out and outside in

listen from the inside out and outside in. employing meditations on a daily basis is a healthy way to reduce stress and enhance health. despite its benefits spending 45 minutes meditating can be a time consuming bother leaving only the converted and enlightened with a daily practice. Enlist the sense of listening to space out in a time efficient way. start by sitting in a comfortable position, and spend 10 seconds or as long as it takes listening to the mechanics of the body, all sounds internal. gradually tune into concentric circles of space and time, lending an ear to the room, the building, the street, intersection, neighbourhood, city, province, country, continent, hemisphere, planet, galaxy, universe. then in reverse order, finally return to the self. it’s busy relaxing in quiet noise.

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millie says do it do it do it

dont just think about it….do it do it do it. shed the status quo by taking action. save the trying for the past tense since it implies failure and is always followed by a ‘but’. I may have failed but at least I tried. next time i will succeed.

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millie says use natural medicines first

use natural medicines first. due to policy and historical skepticism surrounding complementary and alternative medicine such as naturopathy, homeopathy and herbalism, these traditional medicines are socially saved for last. when mainstream medical treatment is no longer working, people turn to alternative medicines, prepared to try ‘ANYTHING’. though gentle medicine might work at this later stage it is not the ideal time to use them as the body is less sensitive burdened with chemical competition. natural medicines are free and easy wanderers inside the body’s palace, not having been condensed into active pharmaceutical compounds that hammer a physiological change. they gently improve a baseline health by replacing nutrition, regulating immune or energetically steering the body towards its natural state of health. the fewer meds used, the fewer meds needed.

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millie says ask purposeful questions

ask purposeful questions. when a friend in need asks for advice, rather than providing formulaic answers to complicated nuances in times of doubt provide agency for that person to think about their range of support options. the pressure to provide solutions to others can feel expected, so break the pressure to be the expert by answering a question with a question in turn allowing another to tap into inner and social resources by letting go of the burden of knowing-it-all.

eg of a purposeful question: what does it mean to you that you feel {insert different} than other people? what does it feel like to be that way? what would help you help yourself?

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millie says anti-age with the color violet

anti-age with the color violet. though color therapy sounds like a bunch of balloony, the world be bleak dressed in its absence. Beyond the technical science of light and wavelengths, colors serve a healthful purpose in our world, allowing the eye to pick up vibrational energy that is mood enhancing and even healing. It is said in chromotherapy that certain wavelengths provide health to specific organs and moods. Violet, the color at the bottom of the rainbow, has the shortest wavelength at 400 nm and therefore the highest vibration. The pineal gland situated in our brain behind our eyes, is stimulated by light reflected off the retina. In the presence of the color violet the pineal gland produces melatonin, which is responsible for producing sleep, improving immunity, reducing stress and cellular death (aging). so instead of botox, dress your partner or your children in purple. om.

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millie says deny the great lie

deny the great lie. “born on the mountaintop” course creators Satyam and Freedom Malhotra have divised a psychology concept that asks us all to become aware of the love we seek and the methods we use to get it. are they healthy or not? these local brothers claim that the great lie is…. that we believe we need to prove ourselves in order to be worthy of love.

take a lesson from their book of creating awareness within and conjure the person from whom you seek the most approval……….on a large piece of paper write down in the centre “I will be loved just as I am” then write down “I need approval from……..”, then over the next week write down all thoughts and actions taken to seek approval and avoid rejection from that individual……shockingly time consuming!

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