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  •  Hey doc M anything that you say about health and wellness I want to join and learn about thank you. Darryl Flower Shop Dude
  • …you are such a god send these days, i went through hell last week, i wish i contacted you first.  xoxo S.
  • …I love your column. DF
  • Hi millie, Really enjoy your sense of humour, and style…LH
  • Hi Millie, great idea love reading your info. L&LM
  • I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and look forward to reading your emails…I am learning so much and I like the awareness that you advocate…you’re great. Hope this message finds you well…ciao, KD
  • Just a quick email to say thank-you for your daily emails. It’s a wonderful way to start my day- a day of awareness….it’s helping me with my stress eating. SS.
  • And even from my mother:  Millie – I have been catching up.  Your stuff is really interesting – you do such a variety of topics and it seems you research each one out until you have it to the point where you can put it out there. Congratulations on a great publication here – a daily publication. I think it is a job well done.Mom xoxo

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Dr Millie, ND

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Well if your mom writes a message, I guess your friends can too! This blog is excellent, and as a fellow ND it makes me happy to know that we have colleagues like you on our team. You are smart, witty and take an excellent approach to health and well being. Keep it up, doc! Jyll xo

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